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  1. Alex Golding

    My name will be forever engraved behind an optimistic families wall. For the past three years I have used my February vacation to help families in need at the Habitat for Humanity work site in Raleigh, North Carolina. Once my group and I begin our tasks for the week, we help with all stages of the home building process, which includes building the foundation and walls, all the way up to the painting and roofing, with everything in between. This past year our group was involved in the earliest stages of development. All of us began the week by building the walls. Starting with simple wooden planks, an overabundance of nails, and hammers, my friends and I began the establishment of a new hope in an otherwise impoverished life. Habitat for Humanity sets out to build and repair homes and entire communities by constructing reliable and affordable homes within poorer neighborhoods. They enroll the help of volunteers and the eager families who are looking to move into these freshly built homes. In regards to my opening sentence, all week we had worked on constructing a great deal of wooden walls that would become the foundation of a house and after we had completed our work my group had managed to complete the outline of a wonderful home. So we began to pass around a marker, and on the barren wood frame, all of us wrote our names. I proudly put my name above the front entrance, in a crisp evergreen Sharpie, forever marking my impact on an entire community.


  2. Kayleigh Noverca

    I listen to music a lot, whether I am studying, rehearsing a song’s lyrics, or I just play my favorite music for the heck of it. I also like to help people out and make everyone feel happy whenever I perform. I like to be kind to others and give gifts to show how much I care. My generosity and love for music is what I value the most and I am proud to have these qualities about me.When I was performing for a program called the Tj’s Music All-Star Band Program I helped two little girls out with their lyrics if they forgot them. One girl was named Genesis and she was practicing I’m Just a Girl, by Gwen Stefani. She was having trouble trying to sing the correct words for the second time that she does the chorus. I volunteered to help her out by sing with her while the band plays the song. She gotten the hang of it and I received a big “thank you” hug from her. Another girl named Emily was performing Hot Blooded, by Foreigner, and I was doing the back-up vocals with Alyssa who is another band member and my friend. Emily was struggling with the second verse and both me and Alyssa helped give her the lyrics to the second verse.
    Aside from being a generous helper for the band program I can be very generous giver both in art and song. One night I was performing at the Narrows with the band program and it was also my grandmother’s birthday. So I figured that I would sing one of her favorite songs from Rascal Flatts called My Wish. It was her favorite son ever since she bought their album.When I sang it and dedicated the song to her she was very overjoyed and she thanked me for sing the song to her. I appreciate music so much even when it is someone’s favorite song because it can take you places unknown and every song tells a different story and everybody would be intrigued and listen to it again and again, and art can do the same thing too In high school, I draw my friends whenever their birthday came and I drew one for my friends Aaron, Sage, and Claudia and they appreciated them very much. This just proves that my generosity is infinite and I hope these values that I treasure would be with me forever.


  3. madison fonseca-kemp

    Madison Fonseca-Kemp

    I truly do believe in the power of a smile. People are affected on a day to day basis by their surroundings whether they know it or not. A stranger on the street may affect your day more than someone you live or work with, just with a smile. I for one, experience this happening every day. Have you ever walked down the street just to be caught in awkward eye contact with a complete stranger? Now that you’re both staring at each other, what do you do? Do you give them a blank stare and then just look away or do you give them a look that just makes them completely uncomfortable? Or, do you give them a smile and just casually go about your day? I believe moments like these test people’s true sense of character. You have no clue what people experience throughout their day, especially if the person in question is a stranger. A smile could alter someone’s entire attitude and maybe even better their day, despite whether you know them or not. I for one would rather return a friendly smile to someone than be completely taken aback by an unwarranted dirty look or glare. If you smile as people pass you by, I believe that you help in making the community an overall friendlier and better place to be.


    1. Mallory Kiernan

      I love the thought of being able to know a bit of someones character based on a few seconds of eye contact on the street. I agree that being nice and even just exchanging kind glances can have such a positive effect on people.


    2. Tyler Martin

      I believe generosity is the key to a world of happiness. Imagine a world full of givers, a world full of receivers, a world full of people who are so concerned about the well-being of others that there is no room for selfishness. This captures a world of equality, security, and happiness. Through my experiences with generosity I have learned happiness is achieved on both ends of the stick. However, for me, nothing can top the feeling of happiness that overcomes me when I know I’ve done something nice for someone and can see the appreciation for my kindness. More so, what makes the feeling that more amazing is knowing I did something for someone that I didn’t have to do. Generosity is achieved with no obligation. It comes from the heart. It also eliminates the feeling of not being cared for by the person who is receiving. Generosity has the power to create a more loving world but this is only what I believe; unfortunately this isn’t exactly the world we live in but I think any step in this direction is the right step. You never really know how much people appreciate the things you do for them. The world would be a much better place if people were more willing to help one another. People would live happier knowing they’re cared for by people other than just those they’ve known to always be in their corner. Everyone wants to live happily so why not give a helping hand?


  4. Kayla Koczera

    Generosity is the act of giving to others without expectation of receiving anything in return. People demonstrate this by donating their time, money, skills, or talents. When a person willingly gives away what he or she has, it makes the one on the receiving end feel happy and loved while the giver gets the awesome experience of positively impacting another’s life. As a young child, I had already developed a passion for helping others. When my mom visited Haiti one summer, I donated my stuffed animals to the orphans who lived there. After bringing them to the children, my mother returned with pictures. I got an indescribable sense of joy to see them tightly grasp the stuffed animals with illuminating smiles on their faces. I also had the pleasure of volunteering at my local pantry and got to witness how it gave hope to so many hungry families. The most amazing aspect of generosity is how contagious it is. When someone freely gives to another person, the receiver can’t help but want to reciprocate by paying it forward. I have observed this in simple acts such as holding a door for someone or buying an unexpecting person a cup of coffee. Even the smallest act of kindness can dramatically affect both the giver and the receiver in a positive way. With its domino effect that connects people in a long string of happiness and giving, every one of us has the capacity to make a difference.


  5. Brooke Martel

    Generosity is something that I have learned to be universally beneficial. Throughout my whole life, I have been taught that being generous is the best thing a person can be, whether it is giving away items to people who need them, or just being kind towards other people even though I’m not in the happiest of moods. Generosity has definitely helped me become the person I am today. Being generous has shown me that there is more to life than just how I feel and what I have; some people might need that one smile or compliment from a stranger, or an article of clothing that I never wear. It has made me realize how blessed I am to live the life I live and to own the things I own, and shown me how far one little act of kindness can go. I often do volunteer work at local homeless shelters and food pantries, and this has helped me and the friends that accompany me have a great feeling of generosity and thankfulness. Giving back to the community that I was raised in and the less fortunate gave me a sense of pride. I knew how much they appreciated my help and that made me want to come back every single day. Generosity is something that can help the person/people giving it as well as the person/people receiving it. Generosity is a feeling that a person can never forget, whether they are giving or receiving it.


  6. Hailey Boucher

    I believe in Sweet Tart’s Candy Hearts. I believe in the heart shaped candies that are individually stamped with a message of kindness or positivity; messages so short and simple, yet so endearing and sweet. Each box contains an unknown mixture of kind words, just like the people around us. Much like people, the sweet tarts boxes are similar in design, but once opened, a person is greatly surprised.

    Every person in this world carries emotional baggage with them, whether it is apparent or not. Although the individual’s emotional damage varies in degree, it is all too real to each individual at every level. In my experience, one kind word has exponential impact. One kind word has the ability to make a person smile. One kind word has the ability to spread hope into a person’s life. One kind word has the ability to help a person get through a mentally painful day. One kind word has the ability to help a person heal emotionally.

    On May 20, 2016 Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarantino was going through a routine stop when he was shot and left to die in the street. Officer Tarantino was one of Leicester’s own, having grown up in town and attended Leicester High, eventually becoming one of Leicester’s most beloved officers. Later, Ron raised his three sons in his hometown of Leicester; Ronald III, Spencer, a fellow classmate of mine, and Kyle. After the tragedy, I watched as my community came together that night on the town common for Officer Tarentino in support of his family and their loss. That night I saw a community become more than a group of strangers simply living in the same area; it became a family, and just as our own families do in time of need, it came together in the worst of times to bring a light of positivity in the darkest of times. It is now August and many car washes, bake sales, clothing drives, car raffles, and other fundraisers have been started by the community, their proceeds directly go to the Tarentino’s to aid them through their loss.
    Spencer, a fellow classmate of mine, was deeply affected by his father’s loss-as any eighteen year old would be. In support of Spencer, our entire class came together and lined the school driveway on May 27, the day of his father’s funeral, as he and his family were escorted by the Leicester and Auburn Police Department to the funeral home. He later said during graduation how grateful he was to have been part of our class and how helpful our kind words and actions had been with his healing process.

    Spencer was not friends with everyone at school, and no one was obligated to say a few kind words to him during his time of grieving, but people did anyway out of the kindness of their hearts. They did not have to do bake sales or raffles to raise money for his family, but they did anyway.

    I believe in kindness and words of positivity and their exponential impact on even the most unsuspecting of people. I believe in Sweet Tart’s candy hearts.


  7. Anthony Costa

    Generosity is one of my most exhibited core beliefs. I’ve always tried my best to give all I could to my family, my friends, and even strangers. All throughout high school I had especially strived to give to others. I gave my time, service and heart to people who needed it in the form of service. Starting my freshman year I joined my school’s food pantry and ever since I attended every monthly meeting. I gave at least four hours of my mornings every time to serving food to people who couldn’t afford to buy it themselves. I also served the less fortunate people in my community by participating in my school’s Christmas toy drive by donating gifts to families who couldn’t afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children. Starting my junior year I served my community in a new and unique way by teaching free karate lessons to underprivileged children. I have been teaching free self-defense classes to children who’s parents can’t afford them every Tuesday for the past two years. I’ve made bonds with many children as I serve as an inspiration to them and as I try to be a role model.


  8. Emerson Bryant

    I Believe
    Belief is something you build upon from experience, wishes or even desires. A repetition of a small outcome can make you believe in that outcome or idea. For Example, I believe that being a kind hearted person and treating others with respect will grant you with a more full, happier life. As humans, we desire social connections because they release hormones inside our brain, which makes us feel enjoyment. If you are disrespectful and have no social connections you are more likely to have less friends causing you to feel lonely or even depressed.
    Being kind to someone does no harm to you or anyone around you. I believe that being generous and nice can become contagious and others will too. If someone holds a door open for you, chances are, that person will end up also being kind or return a favor. “A good deed goes a long way”, is what my families motto was even before I was born. My Father would give help to anyone who needed it. He would do anything from simply hold a door to even jumping a car in the next state. From watching my dad be so kind and watch how happy his helpfulness made others, it has made me want to thrive to be a kind-hearted person. I believe being kind and helpful can make the world a happier place.


  9. Nathan Silveira

    Out of my seventeen years of living there was always one thing that I always believed. I always believed that in life, other people come first before you. I’ve always thought this way ever since I was a kid. I really like the feeling you get when you help people overcome obstacles in their lives be it big or small. A lot of people say that thinking this way makes it easier for people to take advantage of you. To be honest by thinking this way I have been taken advantaged of but all the times I’ve actually helped people makes up for those times.
    One of the main reasons I might think like this is because you don’t really know what the other person is going through, and if you could do something to make them happy and make their lives better why wouldn’t you. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be like this because it lets people to walk over me but I don’t think that’s 100% true because I know what I need and what makes me happy and if what I do to help another person doesn’t effect that I’m fine with it.
    I can see us being better off in the future if everyone become nice to each other and helps when people need it. We will all be able to live comfortably and without fear because you can count on your fellow man to help you out.


  10. Generosity is one of my most exhibited core beliefs. I’ve always tried my best to give all I could to my family, my friends, and even strangers. All throughout high school I had especially strived to give to others. I gave my time, service and heart to people who needed it in the form of service. Starting my freshman year I joined my school’s food pantry and ever since then, I attended every monthly meeting. I gave at least four hours of my mornings every time to serving food to people who couldn’t afford to buy it themselves. I also served the less fortunate people in my community by participating in my school’s Christmas toy drive by donating gifts to families who couldn’t afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children. Starting my junior year I served my community in a new and unique way by teaching free karate lessons to underprivileged children. I have been teaching free self-defense classes to children who’s parents can’t afford them every Tuesday for the past two years. I’ve made bonds with many children as I serve as an inspiration to them and as I try to be a role model. Another form of service I took part in starting my senior year was I helped at St. Vincent DePaul, a store that sells donated items for very cheap and uses the money to buy food for a soup kitchen they run. I helped around the store and the kitchen three days a week.


  11. Mark H.

    I can remember the first day of moving into a new house. After leaving the previous because it was in need of remodeling and updates to bring it up to code in accordance with the town hall’s fire chief, all I really wished for was a somewhat familiar living space to resume my life without much interruption. Unfortunately we were several towns over, which threw off my work schedules, my travel time to visit friends, and my access to the majority of my personal belongings. But, this new house was owned by my godfather, Paul! He visited my family and I on our very first day there, with open arms. He was a wealthy man, and this was simply summer home for him, so he quickly and happily accommodated us. Anything that we needed or lost in our previous abode he provided. Pots and pans for cooking, fresh bed sheets, toiletries, even a desktop computer for my father’s work and for the rest of us to check email and communicate. He gave not with concern for his personal cost, but with concern for our own comfortability and ease of mind. Leaving and losing our materials behind was a struggle, but Paul was more than generous, and ensured an unsettling change in life was bearable. His provision taught my family, and more directly myself, that generosity is a keystone of humanity, and I have done my best to integrate that principle into my life more fervently since then.

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    1. Hi Mark H. I find your essay very relatable as I just moved. It is very hard but you were lucky to have your Godfather, Paul. I’m glad everything worked out for you and that he taught you important values as a role model.


  12. Andrew Moruzzi

    I believe in the generosity of human beings. In my last two years of high school I worked at the YMCA. During the summer the YMCA would hold a non-profit camp. Every year, a couple months before the start of the camp session, the Y would have an annual campaign in order to raise funds for the camp. The funds they received would go to families that couldn’t afford to send their children to the camp. People from all different departments would be in the lobby doing all sorts of things, I was even out there once doing crafts with some other employees in order to get people’s attention. None of those people benefitted from donating the money, they did it because it was the right thing to do. My brother worked as a counselor this summer and told me about a situation where a bunch of kids were playing with pokemon cards, but one child didn’t have any. My brother went home that day, dug up his old pokemon cards and brought them in for that camper so he could be involved with the rest of the kids. I believe that humans are naturally generous and want to help people as much as they can. I’ve seen a lot of examples of generosity in my time at the YMCA and it has helped me understand how important it is to help people. For once I felt like I was actually helping people in way I could visibly see.


  13. Dinapoli Andrade

    Knowing that my legacy lives beyond my time and with the children I have taught gives me great confidence in my ability to help change the world. Am I a hero? I don’t think so but according to the youth I spend my summers with I am. Every summer since I was 15 I’ve worked with Crossroads for Kids, a non-profit organization with a goal to encourage youth to play roles in leadership within their communities. As a former participant I have lots of experience with leading myself as well as others, however nothing feels better than being a counselor for urban youth.

    So many of these children spend their summers on the streets practicing violence, caretaking, struggling and they grow up too fast. 11 year olds that are too busy playing the role of a father in their household to be enjoying their childhood and learning how to manage their potential. All they want is a chance to act their age but to much is demanded of them at home. Crossroads gives that chance through appreciation, outlets for creativity and leadership roles at its overnight camps. All campers practice activities that they don’t get to enjoy at home such as archery, rock wall climbing, boating, creating plays, inventing and painting.

    As a counselor I teach them communication skills, play fun games with them, help with things they want to get better at (reading, sports, etc.). It’s that little bit of care that really helps them achieve, in other words, that bit of generosity.

    Just as my counselors stuck with me I hope to do the same for them. I recently graduated the Crossroads C5 program (5 year leadership program) and am continuing to grow as a young leader thanks to my former counselors who have guided me till now.

    I thank them for their generosity as I extend mine out to current campers.


  14. Victoria L. Mateus

    If you look up the definition of kindness you will find something along the lines of “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate,” but being kind is much more than that. It is the first step to changing this angry, cold society into a friendly and selfless one. It is a personality trait, a way of life, and most importantly it is something that can never be forgotten. I have always strived to be that “light in a dark hallway” kind of person and so far I have stuck to that label. Whether I’m at work or out shopping on my day off, you will never see me without a smile plastered onto my face. When I first began working at Target there was this man who would come in every Sunday and although we never held a conversation, we would always exchange smiles. Weeks passed and I began to notice his absence until this one day. He approached me and told me he had something on his mind that he’s been meaning to share. He said that I have this personality that draws you in and you can’t help but being happy when you’re around me. I was astonished with the words that left his mouth. I’ve never thought of myself like that until that moment. After that he introduced me to his wife and children and eventually we formed a strong relationship. It just comes to show that a smile really can turn someone’s life around. The power of kindness is clearly something to not be taken for granted. If it is powerful enough to create friendships, it is powerful enough to change the world and everyone in it.


  15. Joshua Erickson

    To have something someone truly believes in is extremely important. To have an opinion, or a belief on something makes a person who they are. These different views or beliefs a person can have on life makes them original. It’s crucial that everyone has their own opinions, beliefs or ideas. One of my own very important beliefs is to help people out and be there for others.
    What helped me decide I wanted to go to school for psychology was the fact that I loved to help people. A few years ago I was doing a lot of charity work around my town to get ready for my confirmation. I helped out with special church events working with little kids which was a lot of fun and very chaotic. I even spent days helping set up the church tag sale for the town. It was a lot of work and very tiring but I noticed that I felt really good about myself after it was all over. It was a really great experience for me.
    Helping others out is essential to me; it’s what I live by. When I’m helping others out, whether it’s my friends or my family I feel that it makes me a better person, it makes me feel better mentally. I feel more socially connected to everyone who I’ve been able to help. It’s my belief that benefiting others benefits me, the people close to me and even benefits the community.


  16. liny kenmoe

    I believe that generosity is humbling ourselves, getting past our selfish thoughts, and sacrificing something for someone and not hope for something in return. My parents sent me to an all-girl Catholic boarding school in the coldest the region in my country. The roads there were unpaved, the water was not clean, and there were always powers failures.
    A doctor recruited volunteers to clean a hospital for a week I volunteered and became acquainted to many of the patients. After that week, I realized that I missed the kids at that hospital, and that helping others made me truly happy so I volunteered to clean that hospital every day after class. During my stay there, I experienced and felt things that changed the way I viewed the world for good.
    Besides cleaning, I helped the doctors carry their equipment, and sometimes I had to feed the patients especially when the nurses forgot to do so. This was not new to me as it is typical in Africa. Each patient had a story to tell; some did not have families, others were abandoned and did not have the money to pay their bill, while others were told there were going to die so they just waited for their hour to come. I worked there for a month and a half, and at one point, one of the nurses made a comment about me being stupid for wanting to spend my free time cleaning a hospital instead of doing more interesting things. I felt discouraged by what she said but I continued my volunteer work because it was what I loved to do.
    During my stay there, I also realized that being generous is about getting past selfish thoughts like what I could have done with the time I spent cleaning that hospital or what I would eat if I gave those kids my lunch. I also believe that everyone receives something for their generosity. Working at that hospital, and seeing the smiles of those patients made me proud and happy.


  17. Casey R.

    I believe in unselfishness
    Throughout my life I relied on others to do everything for me without pushing myself first. I wanted everything to be handed to me. I found myself being greedy, never humbling myself, and not appreciating any of the things I have. Even though this was not the person I wanted to be, my mind allowed me to think this way. My intentions was to change my mentality. I continuously viewed myself as a selfish person. My family and friends would always say this to me as I got things I did not need nor did I share anything with them. I never thought about achieving things for myself while having to share with others. This was the mindset I had, until I realized my mother would sometimes stay without money to make sure everyone in the family had everything they needed. She once sat me down and told me “life is not always just about you or what you need you need to think about others. There is always someone needing the things you want.” This was when I thought to myself, not everything can be handed to you in life, everyone has to work to get what they need. I wanted to have it all this made me selfish, I thought I can never have enough. I don’t think I made the right decisions for myself but, over the years I was able to realize my wrongs and change them. You have to choose your path to success; but throughout your success you have to remember about the people that were there for you without it. I started to appreciate the people and the things I have. Even if that meant staying with out anything. Sharing is caring.


  18. Andrea Elloian

    I believe in people.

    That they’re good. I know that when we turn on the television or open an app we get bombarded with the bad, it seems hard to believe anything else. However that’s just a tiny part of the world, it’s easier to report the bad than the good. I may be deluding myself, I’m completely aware of that. Junior year in English there was a part in a book where a main character had to choose to accept help from a stranger. A question on our test was to predict what was going to happen, in a classroom of 25 of my peers, only I said the character would accept his help and be better off for it. I told my friends and they laughed, the next chapter we read the character was beaten up, and the money he had was stolen. While sometimes I’m proven wrong there are other times where I can’t help but smile and be thankful of the strangers around me. Last summer at work a customer had no extra money to tip me so he gave me a flower he was carrying. The only reason why he did was to make me smile. The smallest actions can have the largest impact. Even walking down the street and seeing smiling faces proves to me the good in people. It could be I think this way because I’ve lived in my own little bubble. Despite that I will continue to believe.


  19. Chris Shurtleff

    I believe in helping people. All my life I have done everything I can to help anyone I could in anyway I could. Helping people makes me happy, and it makes other people happy too, and that gives me an overwhelming feeling of joy. In Middle School and High School I would help the janitor at my Middle School take out the trash, do the recycling, sweep the floors, prepare the gym for any type of school events, and anything else he needed done. I volunteered for any events that the school had. I also helped with drama program for three years after I graduated. Just about every day after school I would go to help out. Not because I had to, but because I enjoyed helping out. In my Physics class in my junior year of highschool I helped many of my classmates to pass by helping them with classwork so they understood the material. I help everyone out at work too, I do what people don’t have time to do, I teach people what they don’t know how to do, and I cover for anyone who can’t go in. Mostly everything I do is to help someone else. When people help other people it makes the world a better place and helping people has made me who I am today, and that’s why I believe in helping people.


  20. Cameron Ebrecht

    Looking back, one of the most thematic traits I see represented in television, cinema, and literature is the simple act of kindness we should bestow upon one another. I used to think it was generic and redundant. However in hindsight, I’ve come to believe kindness and generosity can be an underrated aspect of our lives, and it’s a great thing to appreciate. As often as we do hear about the importance of being kind to one another, how often do we see people actually exhibit the sort of behavior? That’s not to say it’s a rare thing to see, there are tons of good hearted and well mannered people in our daily lives, but there’s a lot of mean-spirited ones as well. It’s not just blatantly rude people, it can be the subtle remarks we make towards others to try and put them down. A lot of times it’s just joking around or having fun, everyone gets made fun of and it’s natural, but it’s also vital to know when to stop and when insults go overboard. It doesn’t just apply to small people getting picked on, but the big guys too. The people we call call mean, annoying, disgusting, the ones themselves who throw insults. At the end of the day I like to remind myself that their past, their personality, and their views are all irrelevant. What matters most is that they are people too. I’m not saying you should be a saint and act perfect with nothing but positive feelings, just consider not letting hurtful vibes among your peers get out of hand the next time you encounter such a scenario.


  21. Lonnie

    I believe that putting others before me is more rewarding than anything else. In my life I have always had the idea of putting others before myself. As I grow, that concept becomes more important to me. I currently work at Starbucks as a barista. When I first started working, my main focus was to make sure every customer left satisfied. When a customer comes in and they aren’t in the best mood, I try my best to make sure that they are able to run through our process of ordering smoothly. I understand that many people don’t have the greatest days and I try to cope with them because how they are feeling is important to me. Whether they are picking a simple small coffee or a large complex drink, I feel that if executed correctly I can really impact their day positively which in turn makes me feel good. Some days when I’m not feeling the best and I’m dragging myself to work, I always think of how great it is to see someone who has had a long day, light up like a star when they take that first sip. When a customer isn’t satisfied, I make sure that they do not step outside the door until they are. Whether that means, crafting a whole new beverage again or giving them a refund. I make sure that they leave my store feeling good because I would feel worse if a customer leaves angry or frustrated. Therefore I believe in helping others before myself.


  22. Matt King

    I believe in helping out others. Ever since I went on a community service trip my junior year of high school I developed a love for helping others. My trip consisted of myself and nineteen other students who traveled to Florida to participate in community service. While there we worked with House of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, and Give Kids the World. House of Hope is a facility that takes in recovering addicts and aids them in their recovery. As part of our service to them we helped clear land and break up tile in one of their building so new flooring could be placed. It was nice to know that my efforts would help improve the quality of somebodies life. For Habitat for Humanity we primed and painted a whole house. This meant a lot to me because a family would be living there and to know that my hand went into completing it made me feel good. Give Kids the World is a campus where terminally ill kids and their families go on vacation. My job was to help kids make a star that would be put up so they would be remembered forever. I loved to see the smiling faces of families after we helped them complete their stars. After this trip I continued to do my own community service. Part of the reason I’ve chosen nursing as my major is because I love to help people. I can’t wait to be able to help people everyday as my career.


  23. Nashlee Joseph

    When I was younger I would hate when people lied to me. I firmly remember when I was first learning how to cook, I made a bowl of rice. I then gave it to my grandma so she could try it. As she crunched on the rice she told me it was really good but her facial expression said the complete opposite. Even though I understood that she did not want to hurt my feelings, I was more hurt because she didn’t exactly tell me the truth. I had rather let her tell me how she really felt so that I could get better.
    In this lifetime there is a lot that I believe in that is important to me. However, I strongly believe in being honest. The definition of honesty is free of deceit and untruthfulness. Honesty has a lot to do with being genuine and sincere. I believe in being honest as much as possible for many reasons. I say this because of the fact that honesty can ultimately define what type of person someone is. If one lies, they might find themselves using another lie in order to cover the first one. Sooner or later, the truth will come to the light. That’s when the people around them will start to see them as a liar. When one is completely honest with themselves and with others, there is nothing to hide. Being honest all the time could also make one much more reliable if they ever get caught up in a situation. The people around them will know for sure, what type of person they are and they will believe them. That is why I strongly believe in honesty


  24. Adam da Costa

    I believe service is the greatest virtue, and I’m confident that I can prove this objectively. I remember my junior year High school English class we had to do a project about heroism. We were given pictures of people in certain situations and were later asked to discuss what we thought made someone a hero. Each group came up with different varieties of virtues, but humility was the virtue that showed up in each group.
    When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say I wanted to be a priest. I was never particularly religious. Even from a very young age I saw too many flaws and contradictions in religious belief that I couldn’t honestly bring myself to believe in a God described in the Bible. I didn’t believe in God, but I believed in the church. I could always say to myself, “Wow look at this Cathedral! Cost millions of dollars and took years to build. These people must really be committed. And this hospital! It’s the only one this town has access to, wouldn’t be here without the church.” The Catholic Church gives more charity than any other institution in the world. While I don’t agree with everything the church teaches, I always believed institutionalized morality was a good idea. I always wanted to serve my community, and from what I saw becoming a priest was the best way to do this.


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