79 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. Cameron

    I believe that it’s all about the experience, my best friend who passed in a car accident taught me this life changing lesson. Rain began to drizzle down the side of the foggy car windows stranded in the long driveway of the Xfinity Center. The air in the front seat held a mixture of frustration and tension whereas, my best friend, Nathan, Kelly, sat silently in the back seat desperately trying to suppress giggles. Jason, held the phone tightly to his ear as the muffled sounds of the AAA receptionist told him the estimated wait for a tow truck. His grunts and curses said only that it would be hours before any form of rescue came. The late October sun began to set and no one was in the car anymore. Earlier that day, we had all gone to six flags making many memories to later laugh about in the future. Riding rollercoasters in the pouring rain, dancing in front of a concession stand to music no one knew the name of, and finding every reason in the world to laugh. In a later date, this story would be notorious in the Middleboro High School.
    Eventually a tow truck came and we said goodbye to the golden Saturn. As we all parted ways, everyone was cold and tired, however, the last thing Nathan managed to say was “Today wasn’t a bad day! We had fun and we all bonded because of it. Hey, it’s all about the experience, huh?”


  2. Mavis Lacey

    I strongly believe that our time here is fleeting and that I must recognize and embrace that to the best of my ability. I’ve always grown up with people asking me about my “dreams” or what I want in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great for people to have something they’ve always dreamed of to chase after. But then what if you spend your whole life chasing this dream that by the time you reach it you’re staring into the abyss of the meaningless of your achievement? This is why I believe strongly in short term goals. I believe you should everything aside except for what’s right in front you.The right now. Many people live day to day saying “One day I will…” “Tomorrow I will…” “After college I will…”. But I believe that is not a way to live. Every moment in our existence is whizzing by us with immense and silent power. It usually takes a life-altering event, a near death experience for people to realize that their clock is ticking away every day, and every moment. No one should wait for a life threatening moment to embrace the time they are given. All this is probably best summed up in a quote by Heraclitus “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”. In modern words, opportunity rarely knocks twice.


  3. Troy Lombardi

    Troy Lombardi

    I believe in the power of youth. Youth is a chapter of life that is very eventful. When we were freshmen in high school, no one had any idea who we were or what we were doing. As each year passed we started to think of what we want to do in life, and our personalities were slowly being set in stone. The circle started to get smaller, classes didn’t get easier, and it seemed like life wasn’t really on your side; but all of these ups and downs of youth created the person we are today. In the next four years of college we will still be putting the finishing touches on ourselves as we travel, make new friends, and listen to new music. The truth is… being young is a prerequisite for life, as the person we are today, will most likely be the same person we are for the rest of our lives.

    I believe in the little things that youth brings. My youth was filled with a lot of memories, like traveling Europe, going to Prom, and playing baseball. I did a lot of dumb things in my youth, but those mistakes helped me become the person I am today. The list of memories goes on and on. I love to talk about my youth, because I know that there is 4 more years’ worth of blank pages to fill in with memories like the ones I stated above, and I have never been more excited.


  4. Alexis Heald

    On April 15, 2013 was the day I realized that everything that once was in front of me could all be gone. I was standing on the side walk of Newbury street in Boston with my family, when two bombs when off. The first thought that came to my mind was “It must have been cannon at the finish line.” Once the second bomb went off I thought “We are being attacked.” Everyone around us was screaming, running, and crying. The first thing I wanted to do was call my mom back home but the cell towers were shut down. We ran into a Chinese restaurant with other families and seeing that fear in their faces also in my family’s faces was a look I will never forget.
    As a result of April 15 2013, it has taught me to always live every experience in life to the fullest. I never want to go to bed at night and always have regret because I did not do something I really wanted to or even say something to someone. Life is too short to be living in regret and always having the question “What if” in the back of my mind. This experience opened my eyes and made me appreciate every opportunity, adventure, and life obstacle even more. No one should ever have to go through something that their like is at risk, but can be in a situation to make them realize what they have and appreciate it.


  5. Sarah O'Duggan

    All my life I’d never stopped to wonder what it is about my favorite song that makes it worthy of that title. Or what it is about that one narrow back road that I always feel compelled to drive regardless of the fact that I know deep down inside that it tacks an extra fifteen minutes onto my ride. I think deep down inside I do know, I know exactly why it is that I cling to those lyrics, or why I feel just so absolutely content driving that one road.

    Because those are the small, seemingly insignificant, everyday things that my subconscious has chosen to hold onto from the past and carry with me through every step I take into the future.

    Something’s are meant to be held onto. Some of those things are memories, others are objects, and some merely just fleeting experiences that may come and go throughout every aspect of one’s life. Like the first time I traveled down that narrow winding road with my best friend. I remember feeling the sun’s individual rays casting down on scattered strips of my warmed skin. And I can still sense the sensation the light breeze weaving gently through my fingers as I hung my arm out the passenger’s side window.

    Some of these things may be stereotypical keepsakes everyone and their grandmother is guilty of stashing at least once or twice. Things such as plane tickets, movie stubs or those photo booth strips from the mall with my middle school friends I haven’t spoken to in ages. And yet I still hold on to them anyway. Maybe it’s that empty bottle of perfume from freshman year that I wore far too much of every day which has been sitting on my dresser since the day it was last used. Yet to make the journey to the trashcan where it probably belongs.

    I think it’s important to hold onto all of these things, but what is strides more important is to assure myself that while I possess all these different mementos physically and mentally, I never dwell on them internally.

    To remind myself not be afraid to roll the windows up in the fall when it starts to get cold. And I believe in displaying all those old, cringe-worthy photos and worn movie stubs and Red Sox tickets. Because every aspect of those memories I have stored in my current life one way or another have contributed to the person I am now.

    Nothing will replace that first spring drive down that back road with my best friend, or that first time hearing my favorite song. Or my signature freshman year scent just because new long drives, and new songs, and new perfume bottles come along.

    And it’s important to not only understand that while all those minute memories and keepsakes are merely reminders of how far I’ve come as a person and that I always need to live for the next memory, and to embrace the seemingly meaningless details of the now. Because who knows what song, or what back road drive I’ll look back on and fondly remember years from now.


  6. Ben Martin

    There is a movie titled “Yes Man” where the main character is placed under a spell where whenever he was faced with a yes or no choice, he would say yes. The character ended up learning about himself, falling in love, and having the adventures of a lifetime. Of course for normal civilized humans this would be an insane feat to say yes to every fork in the road, but in the end, how much more would we have learned from life? Think about all the times you were too scared to go up to your crush and talk to them, or all the times you didn’t hang out with that slightly annoying friend because you told them “your mom said no”, or how about all those times you couldn’t seem to muster up the courage to do something that really looked cool, but thought doing it would make you look foolish. How much more fun and educational would life be if you had all those no moments back and you said yes to them, yet we live in regret due to some kind of internal comfort of the known safety we have. What if we just said yes to a few more things, stepped out of our comfort zone and seized the moment? Yes it’s scary to get out of that comfort zone but looking back at all the times I’ve said yes and stepped out of my comfort zone, I’ve learned about myself and grown as a person.


  7. Sandy

    It’s 11:30 PM and I’ve suddenly realized that this essay is due in half an hour. It’s August 31st, with less than one week until move in day and exactly one week until classes begin. A few days until summer is over and new responsibilities are faced. 11:33 and I’ve called my best friend for emotional support because, wow, did we do everything we wanted to do this summer? It’s not the last summer or chance, but did we make the most of every minute. Did we go hiking enough, did we say yes enough, did we try as many things as possible until our feet ached and our minds were filled with new unimaginable wonders. 11:37 PM and I’ve realized yes. Yes we did. We didn’t catch all the pokemon, but we did look hard enough. We may not have stood still long enough to fill our phones with pictures of beaches, hiking trails, and city lights but we were there. We were very much there. We were there as the waves rose over the waters knocking us down and spraying our cheerful faces with sea salt. We erupted in laughter as we realized that the hiking path we chose was not actually a trail, and searching for water to follow the river back does not actually work in the small chasms of central Massachusetts. We struggled to breathe as the beautiful city lights of Boston at 3 AM showed us what true night life is and we sat in the car each night traveling home from far away adventures with exhausted satisfaction, knowing that we’ve lived. In this exhausted satisfaction, I believe. I believe in nature and glimmering city views and long road trips. I believe in making three dollars last an entire two day trip, and I believe in spending all I have on a memory to last me a lifetime. I believe in the wonders of my own back yard, and of the joy in places five hours from my home town. I believe in early morning car rides when the sun is barely up and the world does not know hectic, and in late nights when the world knows only of sleep. I believe in experiences and journeys. I believe in adventures.


  8. Traian Marin

    Traian Marin

    I believe in carpe diem; that we must live every day like we will die tomorrow. The people of today spend such a great amount of time worrying about the future that they completely miss the present moment. There are 86,400 seconds in a day and most people waste all of them. In recent years humanity has started to focus more time on their phone, consumed with their internet lives. In my opinion today’s generation is out of touch with reality. They do not value the simplicity of laying in the grass, in silence, listening to nothing but the wind beneath their ears, being utterly consumed by nothing but nature rather than technology. I would hate to be on my deathbed and to look back on my life realizing I spent most of it looking at a screen. Every second in this life is important and should not be taken for granted.
    The idea of carpe diem is more than just living in the moment; it’s about living your life to the fullest and following your dreams even when the whole world is against you. Once you have a solid belief in the goals and aspirations you yearn to turn into reality, the universe will help you achieve it. You see, carpe diem is more than just an idea, it’s a value we should all live by. If one stopped to wonder, what if today were my last day, would they want to continue spending it in the same manner they had previously been? This value makes one realize that holding onto a grudge or sadness is worthless. Starting to see that everyday is a new day and that yesterday should be left in the past is truly liberating. The mistakes of yesterday can be fixed tomorrow and forgotten today. Carpe Diem allows you to see all the important blessings that life has to offer.


  9. Bryan

    I Believe in the Present

    I believe in the present. There is in fact no other time like the present. There is no other time to make decisions other than the present. Delaying decisions to do certain things and sending those decisions off into the future to be dealt with at a later date is no way to live. On the other hand, some things will need their time to be thought about and decisions can’t just be spontaneously made. However, I’m referring to those decisions that can be made spontaneously, such as doing one’s homework, or making a new friend. Your decision to do these things shows a lot about yourself as a person, it shows not only confidence in your decision but also in some respects, responsibility and self control. It shows that you have the mental strength to overcome laziness or fear or whatever else and make that decision.

    Over the course of several years, I have learned to live in the moment. I have learned a lot about myself, and those around me. Through this new found knowledge about how I function as a person, I’ve learned to develop this skill of living in the moment. I’ve learned to make decisions such as completing my homework, or completing a job application, etc.. This has helped me be a lot more responsible in my day to day life. Learning to live in the moment to me has been easily one of the biggest changes that happened to me during high school.


  10. Payton Parker

    I believe in Christianity. I am child of God. I am a product of the almighty Creator. I have been made new in God’s eyes. I have been shown mercy and forgiveness. I know am not perfect, but my God is. Through God I will do great things. I make mistakes every single day, but every morning I wake up with another chance to change someones life. Yes I will meet people who do not agree what I believe, and that is okay. I have had personal experiences with God. He has given me comfort in my times of pain.
    I believe that Christianity is not only a religion but a way of life. I have been a christian for four years. I accepted Christ at the age twelve. It was not like my world changed from that exact point. Things around me were still the same. The world was not all of a sudden perfect around me, but it was easier to deal with my troubles. I could handle situations with more confidence. I did not feel on my own anymore I have seen miracles. One time when I was at a youth service my pastor old us of a miracle where an elderly lady who had not walked in many many years walked. My pastor was preaching and made an altar call for people who needed healing. Many came up and he prayed with them, and then he saw the old woman. She rolled her way up to the altar all the way from the back of the church. He was nervous to pray for her. He was not sure of what would happen. As he was praying he felt this presence. It was the presence of God. After he prayed the woman stood up and walked. It was amazing. God had done a miracle.


  11. Andrew Furze

    I believe in having fun with friends. The last eight years of school finding out who my friends are and what I like to do when I am relaxing with them. Early in my explorations I found a few friend, but only saw them when I went to school. It has only been in the last three to four years that that I relations with my friend outside of school. It started when I went to go hang out with one of my friends who was hosting a game of airsoft in the forest behind his house. I only knew three or four people that were attending. Even with the large amount of people I didn’t know very well I realized that I enjoyed hanging out with them and started hanging out with some of my other friends as well. Then I started getting into board games and card games like Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, and Magic the Gathering. I brought these game to the gathering and they were a big hit with my friends. Now I am looking forward to when my friends are free and we can relaxes and have fun together. In the past I was nerves about making new friend, but as more of my friends are leaving for college I am becoming more comfortable with the idea. As time has gone on I have found myself becoming more of an extrovert. I hope in college I can find some likeminded people that enjoy playing game and hanging out.


  12. Kallee McGraw

    My protective parents used to always teach me that everyone is given a full life with marriage, kids and even grandkids. However, as I get older I am exposed to things that show me how temporary and delicate life is and no moment should be wasted.
    The first time I really started thinking about it was when my junior year english teacher gave us a poem about death. One specific thing he said really stood out to me, “We as humans are wired to think we are important and the world revolves around us but, we as individuals are so small and in the big picture our lives don’t matter”. I’ve always thought about this idea since then because it makes me think of how small and temporary we are. However, even if this is true we have to power to make the most of it.
    I sometimes resent my parents for being so over protective because I hate feeling like I am missing out on moments that can make me happy. I find that the best moments are spontaneous, and I hope that as I gain independence I can enjoy everything that makes life amazing.
    I’ve seen so many people witness unexpected losses of loved ones, proving I never really know what can happen in life or when my own life could suddenly be over. So, what’s the point of living life just fearing everything that could possibly go wrong, when you never know when it can all be over?


  13. Nicole Melancon

    I believe the power of the human mind truly has no bounds, especially when it is focused on something it is so passionate about. But the mind is a fickle thing. I have found that when stressed about something -may it be as simple as a deadline to the vastness of whatever impending disaster I can conjure up- my brain refuses to put its best metaphorical foot forward. In order for grade A work to be produced, my brain needs to be calm and collected, which is increasingly difficult in this modern world. As I can do little to calm the chaos of the world, I do my best to quiet the turmoil in my head. The motto that works the best for me is one that always circles back to calmness. I answer this simple question: can I do anything to resolve what is stressing me out? If the answer is “yes,” then great! All I need is to do it. If “no,” then why stress? It’s out of my hands, and while I may not always enjoy the outcome, I can do little about it. The responsibility is lifted from my shoulders.
    While this mentality may not be the most mature, it does serve its purpose. For the length of time it takes for me to write my essay or design my project, my brain is focused solely on my work. My troubles are momentarily forgotten, and my own inner peace is preserved for a short while longer.


  14. Kayleigh Viera

    I believe in you, but I don’t know you yet. I have a belief that watching a sunrise every once in a while is necessary to maintain homeostasis, because every once in a while we need to see firsthand that every day genuinely is a whole new start. But that concept seems to slip through our fingers when we don’t ever see the sun emerge from the horizon in an array of baby blue and lavender so genuine you can practically smell it. We tend to take for granted the things that are right in front of us, whether it be people or the extra box of mac and cheese or the sun that sits high in the sky when we wake up. I also believe in sunsets. Next time you’re walking around 6:30 or 7 at night, look up. You’d be surprised how much peace can come from just looking up at something so much bigger than you. Which reminds me, I believe in Jimmy Fallon and his beloved Fever Pitch quote, “I like being a part of something that’s better than me, than I. It’s good for your soul to invest in something you can’t control.” Maybe I love it because it’s about the Red Sox, who I wholeheartedly believe in, or maybe it’s because I find it grounding to be somewhere that you’re so tiny but so large.


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