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  1. Valerie Donyen

    Love means the absolute most to me. I take love very seriously and it’s something that I feel every day. I think that love shouldn’t be taken for granted only because it brings out a lot of emotions. It definitely doesn’t bring out negativity, but it leaves you feeling happy and at peace. Love gives out a powerful energy and once you feel that energy flow through you, that’s when you know for sure. Love comes from all around; you can find love in adventure. Love doesn’t have to specifically come from a natural being; it’s where you choose it to come from. Love is the best remedy for getting through tough times. Believe it or not, love is a source of motivation. The fight that you had with your best friend could not have been so pointless, that all you want to do is find them and say how sorry you were. You thought for a long time and knew that you couldn’t live a life without them. That’s the power of love. Love teaches you not to give up so easily on the things that matter most. When you give up, down the road you regret and think about what could have been. I believe that once you’ve experienced love, hold on to it and never let it go. Give more than you receive because one day you might come across a person who thinks that love is nothing more than a fantasy and it’s not, it’s real.

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  2. Heather Staples

    I believe in compassion. I believe in empathy and in kindness. I believe in benevolence and love. I believe that showing even just a small amount of compassion or kindness can make a difference in the lives of those around you. For example, what would you do if someone just dropped their books in the hallway? Instead of just standing by and watching or even laughing at them, do the compassionate thing and help them pick the books up. Guess what? Most people won’t think you are weird or laugh at you for helping them, but they probably will feel ashamed they didn’t help the person themselves. Who knows? You may even end up becoming friends with the person you helped. In middle school I personally helped a girl whose backpack ripped and spilled her stuff everywhere when she got off the bus. We ended up becoming good friends and I actually got a Care Award from my school for my good deed as well.
    You never know, showing even just a little bit of compassion to that stranger next to you could turn their horrible day into a good day. It isn’t hard to show someone a little bit of compassion, and the pay off, for both you and those that you are kind to, is tremendous. You most likely won’t get an award, but showing someone compassion will make you feel good about yourself. Who knows? You may even becoming addicted to showing others a little compassion.


  3. Grace Ostiguy

    I believe in love. Picture this.
    You’re arguing with your brother over the last piece of pizza. You want it, and so does he. Usually we look at this and think our options are let him win and have the slice, or persevere and get that piece for yourself to enjoy.
    Look at it more simply; let him have it, or keep fighting. And then even more simple; make someone happy, or a piece of pizza.
    Is someone else’s happiness really worth a slice of pizza?
    Its simple things like this that make a bigger difference than we realize. I dare you to go out and try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    I believe everyone deserves the same happiness and love as you. No matter what someone has done, spreading love to them is not going to go to waste.
    My mom always told me that you can’t change what other people do, you can only change what you do. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Why not give it a try? Is that piece of pizza more important to you than making someone else happy?
    So yes, I believe in love. I believe that love is a motivation and a reward; pure and amazing. I believe that love will never go away. Love ties us all together and makes us one huge family.
    Now it’s your turn to go spread the love. Because you can, and because I also believe in you.


  4. Amanda Gonsalves

    I believe in the power of love. Love is healing and kind. Love is nurturing and beautiful. Love is blossoming all around us. It takes its shape in many different forms that surrounds us in every aspect of each passing day. Whether it be the warm embrace of a parent, the shared laughter that makes your belly ache among friends, or the blooming kisses that spark on the lips of two lovers, affection can be found everywhere. Love may not always be easy, it teaches us some hard life lessons. The first time you every feel your heart shatter shows us that not everyone is so deserving of this purest form of ourselves. Or our parents struggling to let their little babies grow up and stumble along the long road ahead of them we all refer to as life. Love explains us how to grow as an individual in addition to shaping us into the people we are today. Love drives us to get up and greet the rising sun. Some are awoken many times to the sound of an unhappy baby before the heat of dawn can come through their windows. Others to the phone that rings with a waiting valued one or the luckiest of us all awake to the love of our lives lying right next to us. Never deny loves warm embrace. It will act as your safety net for you to always fall back on if you collapse. Love matters. So go ahead give your parents a hug and kiss that person you’ve been waiting for, because in the end, love always wins.


  5. Amana Khatib

    I believe in loving and accepting yourself regardless of differences and the judgment of others. As an individual who was once consumed by others opinions and words, learning to love and accept myself was difficult. The fear of rejection and the need to fit in had made me change into someone who I was not. I was ashamed of being different, so I had begun to dress, talk, and act like those around me. I changed my identity for the approval of others. Young and naive, I had believed by changing myself I would find acceptance and love, but I was wrong. As it turns out, regardless of what I would do, I could not escape the judgment of everyone. I had begun to realize that depending on others as the source of my happiness will only leave me with the feeling of dissatisfaction. We are the creators of our own happiness. By learning to embrace yourself, you stop living in fear. The choices and decisions you make are no longer dependent on what others will think, whether you will be liked, judged or rejected. The only person whose opinion matters is your own. Differences are not a bad thing nor do they make us any less of a person. Nothing makes me better than you, and nothing makes you better than me. Being true and loving yourself is difficult in a world that is constantly trying to change you. So yes, I believe in love. I believe in the power of self-love and self-acceptance.


  6. Tikaya Goodridge

    Passionate is defined as showing or caused by a feeling or belief which means that someone needs to show their true feelings on something the person believes. However, to me passionate means determination or being inspired to do something. I describe myself as being passionate when I join the dance team in Boston Collegiate Charter School. I join the dance team for 5 years which made me built up confidence, and express myself in many different ways because when I’m on the stage or performing I feel like I can do anything. In addition, I describe myself as being passionate when I was determine to have second honors. When I was in high school, I wanted to get honors because I wanted my high school career impress my awards for college. In order achieve my goal to get an honor roll, by using strategies like uncover or cover to look back on my notes, and going tutoring. Lastly, I describe myself as being passionate by being a role model for my little sister. I’m a role model to my sister by showing her not to give up on anything no matter what and I inspire her to go to college so she can become successful in life. If I had only one word it will be passionate because when I join a club I determine to express myself and show my personality on stage. I also show passionate by getting an honor roll and being a role model to my sister.


  7. Gennissey Morello

    I believe in love but not any love, self love. A love so significant and securing, because it is power, power to say yes or no. Power to be yourself, and power to be an outcast. When you love yourself, you can give and receive. Self love is so powerful that it makes you want to better yourself, and other’s around you. Today’s society can manipulate an individual’s love for themselves. What people fail to realize is when you love yourself you are secured with yourself, constantly setting goals, and always accepting yourself. When you love yourself, looking a certain way never matters because you are you. Today self love is lost, and there is a ton of chaos in this world.Wanting to look a certain way or to be like someone, creates jealousy and hate. Whereas, loving yourself and being proud of who you are can only spread love and support. Overall, you do not know how to love if you cannot love yourself. More and more everyday, I see how hard it is to love yourself. I witnessed men and women talked down for being themselves. Making it harder for them to love who they are. When you love who you are, you accept yourself. Better yet, when people love themselves, they look better, they are confident, alive, and improving. The world around them changes, bringing less hate, and more love. No one is going to love you, the way you love yourself. So please love yourself.


  8. Liza Sousa

    Call me a romantic, but I truly believe in love since it can bring happiness and support to those around us and ourselves. Throughout high school, the love in my circle of friends was crucial to all of our lives. We were able to celebrate our achievements, comfort each other during rough times and trust each other enough to share our deepest insecurities. We supported each other through everything; from picking out prom dresses, to the guys we liked, family deaths, depression and even suicidal thoughts. While I loved my friends and helped them through all of their own personal battles, they also did the same for me. Unbeknownst to my peers, I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since middle school. Afraid that I would have a terrible reputation, I only told a few close friends and swore them to secrecy. Looking back, I remember how isolated and terrified I felt to share my vulnerability with them and how relieved I felt when I realized that they still loved me like a sister. They were always there when I got particularly anxious about important exams and knew exactly how to calm me down before my anxiety spiraled out of control. Because of love, I am happier with my weaknesses, can talk about my anxiety more openly and know the benefits to forming lasting relationships. Love will always be in our lives and by embracing it, in both platonic and romantic settings, we can live happy and successful lives.


  9. Nicole Sardelis

    I believe that in the worst of times love is something one can always count on in order to advance to the better times. Growing up as the drama queen of the house with five irritable siblings, it often felt impossible to earn the attention and love I was looking for. As a consequence of being a young theatrical girl I took everything personal and felt unimportant. I always felt like I was on a different planet until I met my friend Tori. Although I was young and didn’t realize it then,Tori was the love and attention I needed. She provided me with a fearless attitude that is still present in my character today. Eventually my family moved away and I was convinced I wouldn’t get through this transition without her. After what felt like years of depression I met Jared who changed my entire perspective. He made me believe in love and that the days I want to crawl into bed and cry can instead be used as fuel to push for a better tomorrow. I believe that in the presence of love, whether it’s self-love, family, friends or a significant other, the weight of a person’s struggles can feel lifted. Tori and Jared molded me into the adult I am today, and the self-love I have learned from them is something I will be able to use in every situation. There are a variety of values that are so important to consider however, I believe when you are fortunate enough to experience love all other values instantly become easier to obtain.

    dedicated to my best friend and the love of my life


  10. Nick Matson

    Throughout my life, I have been encountered with many struggles. With all of these hard times, the power of love has been with me. I believe in Love. Love is everywhere. Whether that’s the love of a mother and son at birth or a soon to be husband and wife planning on where their honeymoon will be, they all have the same impact. The first loss in my life that I vividly remember had to be when my great grandmother had passed away. While in the hospital, I didn’t fully understand why she was saying all of the things she had said. Soon I realized what love actually was. After the funeral, we had a party. That was when I fully understood how affectionate people are and how much I love my family and am thankful for them. I don’t just treasure my family love. In high school I had made many friends which I grew to love and every single one of them. They all helped me get through high school one way or another. Love brings out a lot of emotions and should be taken very seriously. When two people touch lips, it gets them connected in a different way that’s not normally experienced in our daily lives and creates a chemistry between two lovers. In my opinion, this is the most impacting love out of all other types and can make your life so much easier; knowing there is just someone to be with you.


  11. Ehasanuzzaman Satu

    Through a friend over “Skype.” It started off just as friends, being myself and being supportive. 200 miles was far and feelings had no place in my heart for us. Except I came to realize love doesn’t have a stop button. I soon fit the criteria of “aww a cute boy and his first love,” but to me it wasn’t just that. I felt renewed, cleaned of all of society’s pressures, became lightweight, and gained a new conscience. I could say: “I believe in love.” Love gave me new beliefs, pushed me out of my boundaries and created a new world for me. Skyping whenever possible and taking two hour long trips to go and back every other weekend to earn the belief of love. It was happiness… and risky. Raised in a religious family, the image of having intimate relationships was forbidden. Many times, we stopped and thought about if it was really worth it– to heartbreak my family. Show them that their son hasn’t grown up to their image as expected to be. But love doesn’t have a stop button. You can think that I’m stubborn. But until the day you can say “I believe in love,” you will never be able to place yourself in my shoes. Everything I have done and become has been worth it and always will be. Believing in love taught me an important lesson to never forget: never back down from what you believe in, because if you really believe in it, nothing should stop you. I believe in love.


  12. I believe in love. Love is such a strong word for it just being four letters long. Without love I would be a careless person today. I came to know the true definition of love my junior year in high school. I was a weird and antisocial soul until I met my boyfriend. He truly led me to become a better person. I had a terrible and bumpy childhood, which converted me into an angry and hateful adolescent. I had so much hate towards my immediate family for everything that they had put me through. When I met my boyfriend’s family, they showed me the true meaning of love. I’m not only talking about relationship love, but most importantly family love. His family is huge compared to mine. They were so welcoming and kind when I came along. They all got along so well and were always there for each other. Seeing how united and close his family was, made me appreciate the family I have and it made me want to change my point of view towards them. I then became grateful for having a mother, step-father, father, step-mother, and siblings all over the place. Whether I liked it or not, I had so much family revolving around me who loved me no matter what. I realized being angry and hateful would not get me anywhere in life. Thanks to my boyfriend and his caring family, I began to appreciate my family and their presence.


    1. Mallory Kiernan

      This is such a sweet story. It’s amazing how much love can change us for the better. I’m happy that you have a new and happy relationship with your family.


  13. Makhi Miles
    “What is love?”

    Love to me is the passionate and the attachment of an individual. I never knew I would ever catch these “feelings” for someone. I turned 18 this summer and being so young, it’s like what is love? I’m only 18 and I got a whole adulthood ahead of me to experience it. Dating in my generation usually isn’t taken seriously. Either one person wants the other for one thing.

    But this one individual really stole my heart. She was Jamaican and had beautiful black curly hair. She was really attractive and her body was amazing, perfect height for me. She is also very smart and a busy person. She is very independent, I love that the most about her. I envied her at one point because she had her license before me. She is also very thoughtful and she cares for me. Even my mom likes her and usually my mother doesn’t like any of the ladies I date. She even volunteered to be the usher at my graduation to watch me graduate and meet my family. My mother witnessed her fix me up and thought it was so cute that she fixed my collar on my shirt.

    Sadly, we took a break for almost 2 months. We both missed each other and started talking again. Every chance I got to see her I took and I would tell her how much I missed her and love her. With me going off to college soon and moving in on September 4th it makes our situation stressful. She knows that I will be gone far away and for a long time. She told me to, “stop stressing it and forget about me!”. When she told me that my heart started flooding. How could I forget about a woman that is very special and makes my life even happier. I started to cry a little but tried to hold it in as I am a guy and it’s not manly to cry. I went to my best friend for advice, but it wasn’t good enough, he told me to, “just forget her bro they’re plenty of females in college.” Part of me wants to agree and say yeah, but this female is special and I don’t want to just let go of her.

    Love is an amazing feeling once you achieve it, but when it’s time to let go it’s the worst thing.


  14. Andrew Martin

    I believe that love has limitless boundaries. Love can motivate and love can heal wounds that may not be physical. Love is a medicine that can only be delivered from the ones closest to you. Family, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends are the ones of many more that can deliver this medicine. Not only can they deliver it to me or you, but you and I can deliver it to them as well. We can deliver it through support in their toughest of times.
    A close friend of mine was in the hospital recently. When I visited them, I didn’t realize that just going to see them would have had such a huge impact on their lives as well as my own. All I was thinking at the time was I hope they can get better soon and return to school. Later down the line they told me that they were so happy to see me it was overwhelming. They also told me that I was a massive part in their recovery. I was stunned at how much of an impact I had on their lives. We are now closer than ever and they call me every time they need someone to talk to and I am always there for them. They have told me constantly that I am their rock. This is why love is the most powerful medicine that can ever be delivered to someone.


  15. Macayla Paiva

    When we think of the word love the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Well I believe in all kinds of love. Meaning the love you have for your partner but the love you have for your best friend that makes you want to hurt any person that hurts him or her. The love you have for your baby brother and wanting to protect him from all the bad this world has. The love you have for whatever parental figure in your life and never knowing how you can show them your gratitude for the love they have given you over the years. The love a mother has for her child the first second she lays eyes on the little baby she just spent months feeling move around inside of her, or even the mother who could not feel those kicks but found a way to get her own child and loves that child like no other person on this planet. I believe that everyone wants to feel loved in one way or another and we will go to great lengths to feel that affection. In some cases I believe there are people who take advantage of that love because it makes them feel whole even though they refuse to reciprocate those feelings. I believe that when that love is not reciprocated we do everything in our power for those feelings to be shown and when at last we give up that is when we experience heartbreak.


  16. Nicole Lewis

    I believe in the power of love. Love can survive through the good and the bad. It is powerful and healing. I am lucky to say I have many people who love and support me, but not everybody has that. I am currently A CNA at an assisted living where I care for geriatric patients. I have many residents whose families are involved and visit daily. I also have residents who do not get any visitors for months. This can take a toll on them. I have seen in my job that even the smallest amount of compassion can go a long way. Talking to my residents for a few extra minutes, going on a walk with them or doing something out of the ordinary can have such a strong effect. I believe this kind of love, care and compassion should not only be shown to the elderly, but to those all around us. It is time for us to give back the love that are friends and family constantly show us. We would not be the person we are today without the love that are families instilled in us. It is what we can always come back to when everything else fails. It is the bond that can never be broken and we do not realize how lucky we are to have this. Love can push us, pull us, and turn everything upside down but it will always be the one positive we all have in our lives. I believe in the power of love.


  17. Patrick Jean Baptiste

    I believe in parental love. I am very blessed for having two loving mothers and a supportive father, who have always been there for me.
    I was born and raised in the poorest country in the Americas. I was brought into this world by a different mother than my siblings, nevertheless raised by the same mother as them. She treated me as if I was no different from her own children.
    The day I met my biological mother, I remember the vast smile on her face. She always told me she loved me, and her love for me was unconditional. As we grew, she helped me realize what career path I wanted to follow.
    Many people, including myself, would think that my father was a very violent man because of the way he raised all of his children. As years passed I understood that he only did it because of the love he had for me. He always said “ When I provoke you to cry, it hurts me as much as it hurts you,” and I used to think to myself “ How could it hurt you?” and with time I realized, “what could hurt more than seeing your own child cry in pain which you caused?” His love made me a better person in society.
    My parents’ love got me where I am today. Thanks to them, I can do things that many people dream of but are unable to attain due to life circumstances.


  18. Jason Clark

    Love is a powerful thing. It is an emotion that anybody has yet to explain. Love is loving yourself, your family, partners in life, and the world we live in. You have to believe in love to feel it and witness it. If there is no love in this world, there is no life. My family has taught me how to love. I am very family oriented and I would be nothing without them. No matter what they will always be there for me. If I happen to make a mistake or am in the wrong they will always love me. That is the special thing about love. It never dies. If people truly love you they will accept you for who are as a person. I have also experienced my first real love this past summer. It is a feeling that I cannot explain with her. I never believed I would experience this with someone. When I am with her I can feel like I can just be my silly and dorky self. It is like nothing else matter but the feeling I get with her. She has made me realize so much in life and I can not thank her enough for it. I met her my senior year at school, she was in one of my classes and I could not get her off of my mind. I did not stop until I got her. It was as if I loved her before I was together with her. She was so different from everyone else. It is going to be very hard saying goodbye when it is time to move in. Love is what makes it so hard to say goodbye, because it is so strong that we don’t want to be away from the people we love. I cannot thank everyone in my life enough for showing me what true love is.


  19. Molly DeGust

    I believe in the power of true friendship. Webster’s Dictionary defines friendship as, “the state of being friends”, yet it is so much more than that. True friendship is a rarity, especially in today’s society. Everyone is in such a rush, that no one takes the time to build a real relationship. Many use friendship as a way to benefit themselves, whether it be for a job or for social status. However, I believe that everyone needs that one friend who completely understands them, who will do anything just to help you, no strings attached. When you find the person that you couldn’t imagine your life without, the one you would take a bullet for, you have found true friendship.
    Many believe that the word “love” is a word that is thrown around too much, but I believe “friendship” is a word that is used much too lightly. Some of the people we consider our “friends”, couldn’t care less about us, we’re nothing but an item on their agenda. We recycle our friends like last season’s clothing. The true friendship is the person who’s been there all along, you may fight, you may become frustrated with each other, but they will never leave you. They’ll pick you up when you’re down and wipe the tears off your cheek, they’re irreplaceable. So, next time you meet a new friend, ask yourself is this a true friendship or just a temporary companion?


  20. Mitch West

    Believing. It can change throughout your life with the amount of experience you gain. The beliefs that I have collected throughout my eighteen years have transformed my thought on life into a vast tribute of happiness. I have strongly agreed and disagreed with many topics in my time. One belief that I hold higher than any other in this world is that the power of happiness suppresses all other thoughts.
    Going through life with a grudge has absolutely no beneficial impact on anyone. Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol never put a smile on anyone’s face. He made not one person feel that they held an important role in the world. Living a miserable life is like looking down, not focused at all, with your head held low looking at your feet while you walk and miss out on all of what life has to offer. The benefits of being upset are slim, while on the other hand, being joyful brings eye-opening experiences at every moment. Keeping your head up, staying focused and having a smile on your face is the recipe to savor and experience the rich legacies of the world.
    To me, there is no other place in the world more joyous than New Orleans, Louisiana. On each of my four mission trips to help the people of this city, I have been encompassed by immense feelings of happiness. A tradition to celebrate one’s life in New Orleans is unlike a normal funeral. The blessed people of this city congregate and form a Parade through the street; the people are laughing, singing, playing music and each and everyone of them is smiling. There is not an ounce of misery to be found anywhere near this spectacular place. When I visit New Orleans, I feel influenced to spread happiness throughout the world.
    If it weren’t for happiness there would be no purpose to living. Live your life happy, don’t be stuck doing someone else’s unpleasant work, and do what you want to do. Holding your head high, absorbing the fruits of life and respecting yourself are the keys to happiness.


  21. Feline Lauta
    I believe in love.
    Love is all around us in many beautiful forms. Love is honesty and trust, it is putting someone before yourself, and it is the willingness to do anything for someone else and protect that person. Love is an amazing feeling you feel inside your body that no one really can describe. Love is happiness, and I am excited to feel this feeling especially every time I am with my boyfriend. Our love for each other is clear and with him I feel whole and alive. Loving yourself before you can love someone else is important, because you attract what you are, so be yourself so you do not attract the wrong people. Love is about giving and receiving and if this does not apply, it is unbalanced and unhealthy.
    Love for someone or yourself is about seeing through their flaws, yet still accepting and caring for that person. Love is powerful and it can beat anything. Illnesses, hard times, depression, anxiety, etc. are easier to fight off if you have someone who loves you, helps you and cares about you. Love can motivate people to do something they usually would not do, it can change their perspectives and make them a better version of themselves. Love is what you make of it. Without it in our lives, we would be nothing, we would have nothing and nobody to care about, and nothing to live for. Therefore…
    I believe in love.


  22. Dasia Green

    I believe in trust. Every relationship is started out with building trust, whether it is with a simple secret or a promise, trust can make or break any relationship. Throughout our lives we spend countless days on people who we will barely talk to in just a few short years. We spend multiple nights crying over someone who we gave our all too and they took it for granted. We spend multiple days tweeting or posting about how our best friend stabbed us in the back. Trust is not just given it is earned through time, and patience. It is not something as simple as believing. Instead it involves your believing in each other. The most important aspects of trust is knowing that you can place your confidence in another person’s hands. Sometimes trust needs to be placed in people we do not necessarily know or maybe we do not know them at all. This is because we have to trust that our professors will teach us the right knowledge, or that our coach is coaching us the right way. Sometimes trust is allowed to be given to the unknown just to see if they can handle it. Trust is a big factor in unity that can be explained by our hearts. There is something that is special inside us that allows us to trust those with our hearts. People have places in our hearts which is the reason why we trust them. It is just us betting our lives to help express ourselves.


  23. Brittany

    I believe in being in love. Being in love with anything, whether it be a person, a book, even a place. Being in love makes you feel so wonderful. It makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, like you can take on the world. For me being in love makes me think that everything could be going wrong, but as long as I have the person I love by my side, everything will be okay. It makes you feel invincible and I think it’s the one thing that can make you feel so alive. I guess that describing what being in love feels like is kind of hard unless you’ve been there, but let me tell you, it’s the best feeling you could ever have.


  24. Jacob Olson

    A word like love has so many different variations, However, to me love has a meaning much more in depth. To start off love isn’t just a word you can throw around, however many people now a days use it just to put a label on something. Love, is used to describe your relationship with someone that is much more than a friend. It should be used in this way because of what love creates. It creates a bond between two people that is inseparable. people are jumping too quickly into things sometimes and unless you really know them how can you tell? Can you trust them or know they will always be by your side? Or even just know that they want your company. I know this may seem weird coming from someone you don’t know but, I want to talk about my life. I met this girl at the beginning of high school and we were always friends but nothing ever came of it till senior year. Until one random hang out turned into a relationship I never thought would happen we instantly clicked from being friends and I couldn’t have been happier or more comfortable around her. Due to this I said I love you to her not just to say it but because I felt like I have had this bond with her for a long time and it was time to prove my feelings to her instead of just acting like we just met.


  25. Caleb Ellis

    Nostalgia, in other words, love. Nostalgia is often associated with a feeling of ‘homecoming’, pleasure, and pain. Nostalgia serves as a gateway into memory; a yearning for the unreachable past. Out of all emotions that I hold dearest, nostalgia is certainly the most important. Memory, I find, is an extraordinary story of ordinary growth. It is a tangible abstraction of all the information that we have collected.This is love. Nostalgia is the unkindled love of the past. As you pick your way towards the future, your old love barrels towards the past. The distance is endless. The warm, yet overly bittersweet, incapacitating euphoria that ends with a taste of soul crushing melancholy is all but you falling in love again. Falling in love with your past. Falling in love with something that you so trivially loved, somewhere in that crawling, uncanny past.
    I believe in nostalgia. For me, Nostalgia is an ambition. Strangely, it’s a complex mixture of my motivation, past, and future. Nostalgia is a crawling chaos that has a tendency of barging in on daily life. It is an emotion so powerful that it can be invoked by the trivial. Sounds of an old song, visiting home, meeting an old friend, or even a random, fleeting thought. Its an overflow of memories. The identification of an old love. It’s a the sum of memories parts. Nostalgia is your first and last love story. For me, it’s a story of friends, family, connections that stretched for miles, rivals, enemies, adventure and loss. In other words; love.


  26. Erin Moffatt

    I believe love is dead. Over the last few years, the word love, has significantly lost its meaning and effectiveness. In today’s society, the word is thrown around without people considering how strong the meaning used to be. Everyone says they “love” each other so freely now it makes me wonder how many of them actually think about it and mean it when they say it. For so long I had someone constantly tell me how much they loved me and how I was the best person ever, but one day, that person left my life like I never meant anything to them. It hurt me for a long time until I realized it happens to other people. Many of my friends have experienced this, too. The word love for me has lost it’s meaning for me when someone tells me they love me and when someone does it takes me a while to accept it. Just because people like to lie about their feelings to gain something from someone who’s honest isn’t ok. A word with as strong as a meaning as love used to have should never be degraded in the way it is. A person should never have to question if someone truly loves them or not and now people question that constantly. For that reason, I believe love is dead.


  27. Devon Bodde

    I believe in Empathy. It is easy to reserve one’s self to impressions so I am thankful for my ability to look past gut reactions to understand and accept others. When I was little I never really fit in. My parents signed me up for soccer to make friends, but it became apparent I was no sport prodigy. I would be picked on by my team for being so lousy even the parent’s payed little attention to it, but it extended further than there. In school I was a part of the crowd that consisted of all the nerds and un-athletic oddballs who were prime bully material. When I wasn’t being made fun of my innate lack of athleticism I was being insulted about my hair or clothing or height. In high school bullying wasn’t a huge problem but it was still present. The friend groups were very cliquey but on the outside everyone was friendly to one another. There were rarely any fights, but what I did notice were people getting offended by things that had nothing to do with them. A couple would hook up while not being in a relationship and I’d hear the words “slut” and “whore” thrown around routinely. It baffled me how someone could be upset at something if it didn’t involve them. If only they could feel how they make others feel. To me, if what you do makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, who cares. As I grow older I’m realizing how vital empathy is in terms of working together as a community. I believe empathy is what brings the world together. The ability to understand and share another person’s feelings has been a major role in our civilization’s survival. To look past impressions and understand one another is to fight for humanity and acceptance. I believe every person has a duty to take part in that struggle. As time goes on I believe those who come after us will only be more connected and less tolerant of intolerance. Although the world seems like a dangerous hostile place it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s full of loving caring people who will stand up for acceptance. Hatred is taught the sooner we are to learning to accept and understand others the closer we are to peace.


  28. Cam Campbell

    I believe in relationships. A sturdy relationship is the key towards bonding with an individual, whether it’s a friend, partner or even family member. They will embrace people together when times get tough, but can also teach cherished life lessons that we can learn from. During the past years of my life I formed many new relationships, from friendships to girlfriends each new connection has played an impact on me in some way. I’ve learned a few things about myself after constructing many relationships with different people. Honesty, loyalty and being trustworthy towards someone are crucial traits that will help maintain a healthy, happy relationship. After eighteen years I’ve formed relationships with countless individuals, some good and others bad, nonetheless, I have been able to preserve a few memorable friends and an amazing girlfriend who means the world to me. As time has passed, my dependable friends and outstanding girlfriend has been there for me and we have been able to form nearly unbreakable bonds through obstructions such as honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. It dumbfounds me to think I am heading off to college very soon, but I know that it will be a new chapter in my life where numerous, different relationships will be created by individuals from all corners of the world. I think college is going to be an awesome new experience that will most certainly change my lifestyle in a positive aspect.


  29. Kendall Davis

    I am an adopted child from China, and furthermore, I am a girl. I have no connection or memory of where I came from. Whenever I heard stories about China’s want for boys, I felt as if I was never supposed to be; I was simply a mistake, abandoned by people who should have kept and loved me. However, during my senior year in high school, I heard a different opinion about adoptees like me: that we’re wanted and we’re loved more.
    This is when I began believing in the love I know today. I know that I was wanted and loved by someone and not simply a mistake that another was forced to love. I began accepting the person I had grown up to be and I realized that the women who had wanted me and who wanted to love me brought me up as her own daughter, even if I wasn’t her daughter by blood. By accepting and loving myself for who I was I had opened myself up to a new world of possibilities. I had started a new job and had met a group of people who I love and acknowledge as my second family, and I met an amazing guy who is now my partner and my best friend in life. Yet, I would have never noticed these few opportunities for love, unless I realized that I am not a person who didn’t deserve love, but someone who was brought into a situation where she could experience love without complications of the law.
    Because of who I am, I will always believe in the power of love.


  30. Joshua Carberry

    I believe in love.

    Love is everywhere. One needs only the right mindset to discover it. One needs a willingness and an openness.

    We’ve all experienced it. We’ve seen the fiery beauty of the autumn leaves, heard the pleasing tones of our favorite songs, and felt the softness of a fluffy blanket. What we don’t always realize is that in these moments we’ve loved; we’ve loved our reality for what it is.

    Sometimes, that’s all love has to be. Sometimes, it’s just the appreciation of a sensation, of the way something is.

    Then there is interpersonal love. It’s the love shared by brothers and sisters, by friends and lovers. It’s the purest, most incredible phenomena. It’s a deeper connection between individuals which transcends expectations and inhibitions, oblivious to the consequences. That so many deny it to themselves and others for so long or even forever is a tragedy.

    I think we all stand to gain from all types of love. Think about it.

    Sometimes, life gets hard. We learn to put our heads down and our walls up and do what we do. Sometimes we lose consciousness, so to speak. We close ourselves off from the kinds of love of whose benefits we’re not even really aware. I encourage everyone reading to open themselves up to all love. It takes incredible strength to make oneself vulnerable to life, but it is only through this practice that we can discover the inconceivable love within.


  31. Mitchell Andre

    Commitment is a topic that may be seen differently among many people. When people hear the word “commitment,” relationships may be the first thing to come to their mind. Others may think of it as keeping your word or not giving up no matter the circumstances. Commitment is an important topic to me because I believe that without commitment, trust could never be acquired.
    Commitment can be seen as having a significant other that you care about. Being committed to them means allowing them to trust you and know you won’t turn your back on them. Relationships run entirely on commitment, and without it, there would be no relationship. Marriage is a huge step in a relationship because it is the point where you promise to be fully committed in the relationship and the other person. There are situations where the commitment, and even trust, in a relationship can be broken; for example, divorce. Divorce is something that has affected not only myself, but many people all over the world, and is a perfect example, because after divorce, those two people are no longer committed to each other.
    Without commitment, this world we live in would be lost and untrustworthy. Stay committed to what you believe in, and in the end it will pay off. Even if others believe the opposite of you, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it just means that those people are committed to the opposite belief of you.


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