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  1. Sydney Lamoureux

    I believe in Spongebob. Certainly not in the literal sense, but metaphorically. But let me be clear, not the new Spongebob. God forbid you thought I liked that stuff. No, I’m talking about the classic 1999 and early 2000’s Spongebob. Now that you have that critical information I can move on with peace of mind. When I was little my favorite cartoon was Spongebob Squarepants. The world was full of awe and excitement. As I grew up I learned a few things here and there. You can’t live in a pineapple no matter how hard you want to. But nevertheless my Spongebob inspired philosophy is; happiness can be found in the strangest of places and humor is the key to success. Life is heavy and it can be tough but everyone has something they love that continues to inspire them whether they see it or not. Spongebob is something I’ve loved all my life and has certainly inspired me from time to time.

    Spongebob doesn’t have to be your inspiration, it could be anything. But SpongeBob is my inspiration for so many reasons. Not only was it an entertaining cartoon but it was so much more. The many hidden lessons in SpongeBob have taught me to love life for what it is and always incorporate humor in everything I do (Or at least try). Life isn’t always a bucket of peaches but at least in the deep blue sea, Bikini Bottom is a constant Seventy-five degree and sunny. Or if you believe and science and hate imagination then it’s just a cold dark ocean. Nevertheless, I believe in Spongebob.


    1. Kathlin Goncalves

      Sydney I agree. One life lesson that I’ve learned from watching Spongebob is to ignore the negative things in life and enjoy life with people that make you happy.


    2. Amy Boateng

      I honestly love this mentality and i believe it as well. Not only did I just found someone who doesn’t like the new Spongebob with me but I found a new way of seeing the show. I really like how you viewed the show because most people *like or including me* would not have thought twice to think that Spongebob would teach me where to find happiness.


    3. Hanie Jean-Baptiste

      My mother has accomplished so much in her life and no matter the obstacles she been threw she still remained to be true to herself no matter what. She came to America when she was in her 20’s she then got started and went right to work on her associates in CNA that she worked on with over 20 years. She then got hit with a devastated obstacle as she was diagnosed with cancer when she hit her late 40’s. As she has already had two kids and been married for over a decade my sister was in high school and I was in 7th grade middle school. I have seen my mother literally fight for her life and still try and take care of us to the best she could. She never lost side of her and kept fighting for us. My mother has faced the hardest part of her life head on she is my hero as she taught me that God doesn’t give you a life and a challenge you can’t handle. She’s taught me that you need to face it first and take it as it is or it will control your life and ruin you and that is not living. My mom has showed me that you have to keep pushing yourself no matter what and that if you never give up you will accomplish what you want in your life. If I didn’t have her to follow I would not be where I am today on the path to my future.


  2. Molly Nunes

    One does not need to fly or wear a cape to be a hero; one just has to put the needs of others before their own. I believe that we can all be heroes in our own way. Earlier this year I lost an important hero in my life, my high school shop teacher. He sacrificed his own life to save multiple people including a pregnant woman in a horrific stabbing that occurred in a restaurant. In hearing this news I was completely heartbroken. How could someone with so much life be taken away from the world? He taught me to be myself and to always follow my dreams. He was not just a teacher but a friend. Through the grief and sorrow I tried to remember that he wouldn’t want me to be sad, he would want me to take what he did and to pay it forward. He is the hero I inspire to be.
    Before this moment I had always thought “oh well I’ll just do it tomorrow” but the thing is we do not know if we will have tomorrow. You can only live every day to its fullest, put your all into everything you do, and most importantly tell the people you love that you love them. His death has truly changed my life. We can all be heroes in the smallest ways. Try to think of one simple act to do every day. We all have the potential to be a hero just like him..

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  3. Bridget Harrington

    I believe in the people that I stood beside every weekday this summer. Working a full-time summer job for the first time in my life was a huge learning experience, and the teaching came from the people with whom I worked. The age range of these individuals was broad, and each came from a different walk of life. Standing behind each of our teller windows at the credit union, when no members were present, each of my coworkers would tell me about themselves.
    There seems to be a vastly higher percentage of women employed by my bank than men, and while this did limit the diversity of my workplace, it did expose me to a group of strong women with numerous accomplishments. From the women who interviewed and hired me to those who trained me, each had a strong personality that shone in the workplace in a way that made waking up for work worthwhile. As a woman, their experiences helped me to feel empowered and confident about the future that I could have.
    The most important thing I learned from my work was how such different people can manage to get along. One of my coworkers was a thirty-year-old woman with two cats and an Elizabeth Warren sticker on her car. Another was a twenty-year-old with a four-year-old stepson, two mortgages, and a love of guns. The two were practically polar opposites in terms of politics and home lives; however, what they did have in common was that they were both extremely kind and open-minded individuals.
    Working at this job didn’t just put money in my pocket. It gave me a new perspective in my life regarding my own future, and the lives and opinions of others, for which I could not be more grateful.


    1. Brooke Solaris

      I also work in an environment with a lot of strong women and your post was well written. It’s amazing to see how diverse people can get along so well in the work place and all of the different things you can learn from them. All of my coworkers are older than me, so I learn a lot about world views and even teach my coworkers a thing or two about something new that they might not be familiar with. It’s great that you got a new perspective in your life because of your work place and the people around you.


  4. Amy Boateng

    Karl Marx was a philosopher and socialist who believed that for social action, we only do what we do for and because of the motivation of money; which explains cash nexus. Cash nexus is the concept of every relationship in a person’s life is based off of money. Max Weber was also a socialist and philosopher but he had a different view on social action. He believed that people do things for many reasons with planned actions and intentions. Even though these are two completely different views on life and socialism, I believe that both of them are true and one even applies to me.
    I believe that the view of Marx is true because the very foundation of every relationship in every person’s life is money. At least in order to keep others happy they need money. For example, in an intimate relationship for every anniversary one’s significant other will be expecting a present. To get that present, one would need money. If they did not want the present for whatever reason but they wanted a dinner, one would need money to either buy the groceries or to take them out. For the birthday of a family member or even a friend, to show that one truly cares they go out their way to get them a card maybe with a gift. Just like the groceries and the present for the two in the relationship, one would have to have money to buy the card.
    I also believe that people are motivated plainly because they have planned actions and intentions, which is Weber’s view on people. An example of his thinking was affective emotional. Affective emotional describes actions based on the emotions and feelings of a person. This view applies to how I like to live my life. I am the type of person who will make a complete fool out of myself even in public if I have to in order to make someone crack a smile. I do not look forward to a reward when I do anything like this because changing the mood of a someone’s day is reward enough as corny as that sounds.
    Another reason why I believe in this is because there are still good people in the world. What I mean by this is that with all the violence and killings going on in the world, the amount of people who do actions without reward is on the rise. If you turn on the news, you will most likely be hearing that there is another devastation happening. But to follow that depressing fact, you will hear that there are people going out into the wrecks risking their lives to save the lives of others. Now, when I log onto social media I hear stories like this all the time and the people who perform the acts of kindness choose to go unnoticed which just motivates me to do more good in the world. Also to remain faithful in the world around me.


  5. Kennedy Morales

    “I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.” A quote taken from actor, Denzel Washington, during an interview about how he was influenced by actors before him. I always have someone to look up to, someone who would positively motivate me. Having a role model can give a person a goal and better a person’s identity to also become someone to look up to. Idolizing many great people has helped me acquire characteristics that make me a better person, and be a better role model. In a society where motivation is the key to success, I believe role models are an important asset that help to spark a flame in children’s eyes.
    People look to role models for a sense of direction. They create paths that help mold people into the human being they want to be. They are a source of inspiration and motivation, and are the reason I believe it is important to be a role model for the people around you. Being the older brother has made me realize how I significantly impact my younger brother’s life. I am his role model and everything I do influences him. I help him whenever he is stuck on a homework problem even if he doesn’t ask me to. I try to do the most I can for my brother because I know I am the one he looks up to for advice. You don’t have to be a great athlete or someone famous to be another person’s idol. Sometimes we forget that we have little eyes looking up to us, but when it comes down to making a positive impact on someone’s life, the outcome of having a good role model is priceless.


    1. Stephanie Pineda

      I couldn’t agree more. Many times we forget that our siblings are looking up to us learning from us at every second and watching our everyday moves. For example, how we react and how we act during certain circumstances. If we are a positive influence then then we will motivate them to have positive attitudes and make the best decisions.We will impact not only their future but their entire lives.


  6. Thomas Morrissey

    I believe that role models help shape our paths in life. They guide us in the right direction and help us reach our final destination. It may seem cheesy but my role model is my dad. Focusing on school, his life lessons really focused me on getting a great job and that education was very important. Pushing me to my greatest potential, I decided to play sports like baseball. This is how I made new, lifelong friends. Role models can teach us life lessons along the way. A life lesson I follow is to never give up, even if it seems to be failing. One last life lesson I learned from my role model is to never take things for granted. My dad told me stories about his parents never going to school events or football games when he was a kid. This made me appreciate my family and to cherish every last second of it. Role models can help you create new goals as well. Goals are great motivators and help you focus on them. Goals are like a hole in golf. The ball is all of your hard work leading up to the final putt.You always want a hole in one but it most likely takes more than one turn or swing to reach your final destination. Without my role model, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m sure that my role model will help motivate me to achieve my next goal; graduate college.


    1. Marissa Cordeiro

      Hi Thomas! I really like the way you explained your beliefs on role models. We share a lot of the same opinions, and the analogy you used at the end of your essay made it stronger. My mother is my role model and I don’t think it’s cheesy at all!


  7. Connor Brady

    I believe in selflessness. I believe that anyone has the capacity to be selfless. It is a choice to be selfish.
    The Men and women of our armed forces go above and beyond the word selfless. These men and women give up their time and sometimes lives for the continued freedom that many take for granted. They put down their lives in some far away country away from their loved ones so that the American way of life can go on. So that people can protest their government and military. They protect what the flag stands for so that people can burn and stomp on the same flag. They go to hell for next to nothing so that privileged people can complain about getting paid minimum wage for a job not meant to become a career. These people don’t even recognize the sacrifice that these men and women make for us. Teens give up their childhood to defend us. These soldiers don’t even complain; they do this for everyone at home. They don’t do it because it’s fun, they do it because its they kind of person that they are. The kind we should strive to be. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. They would rather die than give up on the very people who detest them in their own nation. They are the true heroes in our lives they are the epitome of selfless.
    I believe in selflessness because I believe that those who serve us do it for others rather than themselves.


  8. Daniel Meath

    I believe in boss ass bitches. Nicki Minaj taught me that bitch stands for ‘Being In Total Control, Honey’ I’ve always believed in speaking up, and making yourself heard. I think that, specifically, women who take control of themselves and speak up for what they believe in, are among the bravest people. You can’t be successful, powerful, rich, or happy if you do not speak up for what you want. If you let people walk all over you, and give them what makes them happy, you’re never gonna have enough happiness for yourself.

    Madonna is one of the most iconic boss ass bitches out there. She will do what ever she wants, and she takes control of her own life, her own career and her own image. She’s almost 60 and she had her boobs out at the 2016 Met Gala. That takes so much courage and self confidence. Her “What it Feels Like for a Girl” music video depicts her and, what seems to be, her grandmother in a very expensive car, shooting cops with water guns, running red lights, blowing up gas stations and running over hockey players while eating french fries, cause why not. There are numerous amounts of other times Madonna caused an outrage, including wearing lingerie, using religious symbols in music videos and on-stage performances, and creating the NC-17 rating for films. Even if I don’t agree with everything she does or says, I believe in her boss ass bitchiness.

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  9. Kathlin Goncalves

    Growing up my Mother always made me work for everything. I wasn’t handed stuff. If I wanted something I had to show her that I earned it. The reasons behind my mother’s parenting was because she was an immigrant who had to prove herself and work her ass off in order to provide a comfortable life for herself. Life for her was not easy. Her struggles only made her stronger and more determined to do better in life. When my mother first moved to the United states which was at the age of twenty two she worked two jobs and did so with no compliant. My mother had goals to fulfill and she did not stop until she accomplish them. As a single mother she was able to give her children everything and more. My mother did not accept anything but the best. She was strict on us because she loved us and she did not want my siblings and I to struggle like she had. My mother had endured many hardships in her life but that never stop her from showering us with love. I am motivated to work hard and do well in life because of my mother. Seeing her children do well is what brings her joy. Therefore I work hard to make her happy but ultimately to myself happy. I believe that my mother taught me the true meaning of love and hard work. She worked hard to provide for herself and give her children a good life and I will take these beliefs and ideals she has instilled in me to college because hard work is the key to success.


  10. Colin Ireland

    I believe in staying positive.
    I was taught to stay positive by my best friend, Zach. Zach was always a very outgoing, bright, optimistic kid, and everyone loved him for that. He was the kind of person who could always cheer you up when you were down. It was surprising that he was such a happy person because he grew up without a mother. His mom passed away when he was 4 years old, so he grew up with only his dad and brother Ken. He said he realized that you can be taken away at any point, and life’s too short to spend your all your time being negative. We became best friends in middle school and overtime grew to be more like brothers. A few years later, Zach’s dad was killed in a car accident. It devastated everyone, and no one knew how it would change him as a person, but he didn’t let it get the best of him. Though he had lost both parents by the young age of 14, he remained to stay positive and keep his upbeat personality. His attitude inspired me and everyone else who knew him to keep your head up through the worst of times. He taught me a lesson by example to always stay positive no matter what. This lesson was especially helpful when Zach passed away in a car accident in December, 2014 at the age of 17. The easiest thing to do would have been to become depressed, or bitter at the world over an unfair and unreasonable death, but Zach showed me that you can remain positive through tragedies. He showed that there always is a brighter path ahead, and positivity will take you there. I will never forget Zach or the happiness that he spread.


    1. Zackery Lako

      First of all I am very sorry for your loss. It is terrible what happened to Zach but it is also great that he left his fantastic positivity with you. I also believe in staying positive.


  11. Kaylin Boswell

    My grandmother has always been a huge part of my life. She was my best friend and showed me the true meaning of life. She had many different medical conditions, including a heart condition that led to her needing a heart transplant at the age of forty-seven . After that she constantly needed different procedures to help her out. Her health may have been poor, but she would never show it.
    She was the kind of person that cared about others before herself, and would give the shirt off her back for someone in need. I looked up to her and learned from her in everything she did. She never stopped fighting, and would take any situation with a smile on her face and fight through it. I remember going to ask her how she was and she would always stop me and ask about my day first before she would answer. Her main concern was her family, and how she could help them.
    She is one of the main reasons why I decided to go into the medical field. She never gave up, and would always strive to do better in everything she did. She was a true inspiration to me and everyone around her. Her personality would light up a room, and she would never let people see how she was actually feeling. Even though her heart health was very poor, it was filled with love and forgiveness which is something I think we can all learn from.


  12. Marissa Cordeiro

    I believe in nursing. I believe that it takes a special individual to care for and create an unbreakable bond with another person who needs assistance. I believe in role models who create a path for these people. As a little girl, I looked up to my mother, whom I wanted to grow up to be just like. Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by family consumed in the healthcare field. More specifically, my mother is an LPN and plays a significant role in why I want to be a nurse today.
    In the early years of my childhood, both of my parents worked in hospice care. A man they were caring for was paralyzed from the neck down, and hadn’t been outdoors in seven years. They took it upon themselves to carry him in his wheelchair outside and his initial response was, “wow that’s the sun.” At that point in time, I knew my mom changed the way I viewed life and what I wanted to pursue as a career. I’ve always been a caring individual, but I want to impact somebody else’s life just as much as they impacted that man’s.
    It is because of my mother that I’ve grown a passion for nursing. I am able to say that I’m attending a strenuous nursing program because of the motivational drive and work ethic I’ve been surrounded by. Four years from now, I see a nurse who loves going to work every day and interacting with the patients that she cares for. That nurse is me, and I can thank my role model for that.


  13. “Don’t believe in the you that believes in me and don’t believe in the me that believes in you. Believe in the you that believes in yourself.” said by Kamina in my favorite anime “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”. Kamina and his younger brother simon had been living underground, along with the rest of humanity, due to the oppression of the beastmen on the earth’s surface. The two brothers had sought out to overcome the beastmen for humanity’s sake. Unlike brother, Simone lacked the courage and resolve to fight for what he wanted. He had relied on Kamina to fix everything, and that reliance lasted through many desperate situations they wound up in… up until the point of Kamina’s death. Following Kamina’s death was a dark period of grieving for Simone. After some deep thought, simone finally understood the meaning to his brothers lifestyle. Kamina lived life with no fear, facing all challenges fist forward, enveloped in epicness with only the goal to overcome adversity. The key to Kamina’s success was that he believed in his own greatness.

    I believe that Kamina is my definition of a role model: someone who inspires others to believe in their own greatness. I too with my work keep in mind Kamina’s way, for I want to see others reach their greatness. If we had more people like Kamina around, people who inspire others to believe in themselves, then I feel that there would be an increase in achievement and awesomeness from all.


  14. Aaron LeBlanc

    I’d never really had a role model before. There’s my parents of course, but outside that realm I had never looked so deeply into an individual as to find them a role model. But when I was lacking motivation in life it was one of the first things I sought after. Surely if I find someone wise to look up to, it would help to figure things out.
    The obvious role models are those more famous, older, or more successful than you. I scoured everywhere looking for people who could help give me some sense of direction. Unfortunately, these criteria were no help in my search for a role model’s guidance.
    Throughout this search there was one good thing, I met a wonderful girl named Bethany. She had a confident walk, the kind where you hold your shoulders back and your head up. In many ways she was my polar opposite, and everything I wanted to be.
    Most people see where this is going. However, past me didn’t. In fact, I’ve only recently come to this conclusion. I didn’t think that this girl I had met walking the halls would become my best friend and most profound role model in my life. It never occurred to me that the ideas that helped form my new perspective on life would come from someone who was originally just a passerby. I, ultimately, believe that our role models in life aren’t always those above us, often times they’re right in front of us.


  15. alex lisoukov

    I’ve been playing viola since second grade. If you don’t know what a viola is, think of a violin except bigger and it can play lower. I was reluctant at first to start playing the instrument, but my mom had her mind set and, well, I was “convinced”. For 4 years after that i was dedicated to the instrument, as well as looking for a private teacher that i liked working with. I met with 5 other private teachers, each one as annoying and thin lipped as the last, until i met my final teacher Jeremy.
    Jeremy was a great teacher; he was chill enough that he knew that learning music took time, but was strict enough to push me to try my hardest. He was the perfect role model for me, and not only because he was a great violist, but because he had his life in order. Excluding his income, he was doing what he loved, he had a great personality, and he had recently become engaged. He was the one male role model that I had when I was growing up (I have a rocky relationship with my father at best) and I feel that having a male role model is important. I just finished having private lessons with him last Thursday, after 6 years, and even though I never really told him, I think he knew how much of an impact he has had on my life, and how much that he will have in the future.


  16. Chase Brooks

    My mother left my alcoholic father when I was very young, I never saw him after that he abandoned my sister and I out of anger. My mother is a strong and confident woman she took on both rolls, the house maker and the bread winner, we faced a lot of hard ships. My mom guided me in the right direction. We may not have had everything that we wanted, but we never went hungry, we always had a roof over our head, we knew we were loved. I want to be as good or better then my mother who is a perfect parent one day. Role models exist everywhere in the world, from strangers you pass on the street, to the rich and famous. The artist J cole who faced a lot adversity once said how he would be a better father then his father before him. This clicked with me and made me determined to be the best I could be. Watching the determination that Tom Brady shows every time he steps onto the field inspires numerous amounts of people to strive to be as good as he is one day. Seeing an artist on the street showcasing their paintings on the streets of New York everyday hoping that someone will come around and acknowledge them. Seeing directors taking chances pouring their heart and soul into movies just to entertain people. Everyone has a role model, If you do not, you are not looking in the right places.


  17. Raymond Carela on Role Models

    My role model is Beyoncé. It sounds a little bit dumb but she just is. I believe that my story relates to hers because she never gave up on her dreams of becoming one of the best entertainers in history. I applied to many colleges. Pratt Institute in NY. Then MassArt located in Boston. Bunker Hill Community College and UMass Dartmouth. I got rejected from Pratt Institute. That bombed me out because that was a really good art school.The other two were just not convenient for me. MassArt could not give me residence due to my low GPA. Then my parents wanted to move to Pennsylvania. After that my only option was to move to Pennsylvania. Only college which is UMass Dartmouth said yes to me. I was still worried because I had no money to pay college with. Then I applied for two scholarships. I was 100% sure I was not going to get them. Not because of the grades because the scholarships I applied for dont need grades. I kept waiting and waiting until both scholarships decided to award me. Like me, she faced a lot of obstacles. A lot of rejects. She kept fighting until she started seeing results. Until she made her dreams come through with hard work and patience. She never lost hope. I am still in the beginning of reaching my goal of graduating college. I am sure that having role models like Beyoncé I will be able to reach those goals.


  18. Emely Remigio

    I believe a role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. Growing up I was raced by a single parent. My mom was single throughout her whole pregnancy, and my grandmother raced all her five children on her own which has hit me in a way of why these two wonderful women have become my role models other these 18 years. When I first was 12 I had a drastic change moving from Dominican Republic to the United States. I came to the United States speaking no English having no idea to what was going to happen with everything I left behind such as my dog, my home, the beautiful hot weather, and some family members. My mom and my grandmother have taken the time to educate me, keep me focus, they always motivate me to accomplish all my goals to be give up, to show all my talents and everything I’ve got, to always prove myself that I can do anything that is in my mind, to be an independent women, and to never but ever let anybody bring me down. I use my mom and my grandmother as an example honestly because they actually made a huge change in their own life’s for their own good which teaches me how to look up to them and be proud of where I come from. Thank you to my mom and my grandmother I have a such strong believe in ” role models ” because this are people that teach you the importance in life, how to change the world for the better and how you grow as a person.


  19. Amy Boateng


    Karl Marx and Max Weber are two philosophers who had different views on the social actions of people. On one hand, we have one who believes that relationships are based off of money and is maintained because of it and on the other we have one who believes that people are kind because it is in our human nature and that sometimes our emotions lead us. I believe in the both of these theories.
    Firstly I believe that money is the base of all relationships because if you truly think about it, it is. Take a relationship consisting of a boyfriend and girlfriend for example. When it comes time for the anniversary, one really goes out of their way to make the other happy. They will sometimes go and buy the most expensive gift that they can afford to show much the truly care. In order to get that gift, one must have money. If not their anniversary, their first date. If the guy really wants to impress the girl, then he will take her to a nice, fancy restaurant and to afford that restaurant, again one needs money. Another example is with a basic friendship among two girls. If they want to have a girls night in, they need to go buy the supplies for it.
    I also believe that people act kindly towards others because it is the right thing to do. I chose to believe in this because it applies to me and how I run my life, but my actions are sometimes motivated by emotions. I am the type of person who genuinely enjoys putting smiles on others faces. So when I am acting reckless in public, it is to make someone around me smile.


  20. Danielle Devine

    It’s not what I believe or what I value that is most important. It is why I believe what I do that holds substance. It is said that a role model has a significant impact on a person’s career choice, set of goals, and values. My role model growing up wasn’t perfect or famous. He was simply my role model because of his passion, the way he lived to support his values, and his ability to overcome any obstacles. Growing up, I idolized him so much that I liked everything he liked. Something as small as liking the New York sports teams while being surrounded by diehard Red Sox fans, or being the only two left eating at the dinner table every night. They may have been small things, but it set the two of us apart. He is the reason why I want to have a career in Criminal Justice. I would sit and listen to stories about his work day for hours on end. Asking more and more questions on what it’s like to be a state cop. However, he inspired me most by living by his word. He told me, as long as I was passionate, I’d be successful. If I was passionate, my hard work would come naturally and I’d be successful at anything I set my mind to. As a kid, this influence was very powerful. I think every kid deserves to have a positive role model to look up to.


  21. Taila Roberson

    I believe in inspirations and role models. Inspirations can motivate someone to be better in any aspect, while role models can be the example we follow, imitate or look up to while doing so. There are many things that can motivate or inspire you to become better in any anything you personally desire.
    Publicist Ray Green says, “When we think about inspiration what inspires us are ordinary people who do or have done extraordinary things.” What does she mean by that? She says “Too many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves”. Therefore, seeing inspirational things stimulate that desire to shine, be motivated, and not be afraid of the a bad outcome. With that being said in high school I’ve seen plenty of things that kept me on track for school and my athletics. On my volleyball team my very own teammates inspired me to continue doing my best and as captain proving to them that I will always step up and take charge when needed and show my best effort for the team. Having this title as captain inspired me to be the best and push myself, along with the team. I feel, without inspirations or role models we wouldn’t know what it means to be driven, or to simply aspire to do something out of our comfort zones, as well as to be great or extraordinary.


  22. Luis Marcano

    I believe in universal energy and, that belief has brought on great advantages. The way it personally evolved around my life is through receiving, giving, thinking. The amount of energy you put into something would mean your life would be affected in that way. It affected my life in a positive way when the I was introduced to The Secret my junior year of high school. Which is a documentary that explains the long term advantages of being self aware of universal energy. I’ve implemented this idea into my life because, it’s something has that driven me and keeps my life interesting. My life has got better ever since I started using the method, which still until this day seems unreal and I can’t believe it’s working. Since learning about The Secret, I have shown people that involving yourself in the universal concentration of energy can change their lives. Oftentimes I sit and think of positive assets that could benefit me in the future since changing my views on life, and just feel really happy about the future.

    The reasons why I believe that universal concentration of energy is real it’s due to my weight loss, winning multiple scholarships and overcoming obstacles that are not in my favor, but with positive intentions. I used to weigh around two hundred pounds in middle school and felt
    tired all the time. This kept going on until the 11th grade where I decided to think positive and stay determined about weight loss and, just like that I started eating healthier as well as feeling better. Now I look back and without watching The Secret I would’ve still been overweight with bad self-esteem. Since my middle school days I was passionate about winning scholarships, but didnt put mind to it because I thought it was impossible. After watching the secret I learned of many scholarships that I could of apply to because, of my involvement in after school activities and my academics. I started believing that I was going to win a big scholarship and some little ones. By the end of my senior year I won a twenty thousand scholarship from BSA and one thousand scholarship from my school English high. I just kept thinking positive about the scholarship and, when I was told about them I wasn’t surprised, but felt a sense of relief that my hard work and mentality paid off.


  23. Logan Constant

    I believe in Dogs. Canis lupus familiaris, the house pets with the rapidly wagging tails and wet little noses are the companions s that will never leave your side. Dogs embody many characteristics that are sought after when looking for human companionship. Loyalty, such a rare characteristic in people, can be found in even the most mistreated dogs. Affection, the loving licks that you get just for walking in the door. Optimism, even during hard times your dog can provide the licks that will force you to look at the good parts of life. Dogs have the purest of hearts and the majority of canines that have received a bad reputation have been corrupted by abuse and neglect. How could anyone arrive at the conclusion that an adorable little pup has bad intentions even when they rip up the sofa when stayed out for too long.

    Heros, dogs perform tasks that of equal or greater importance than humans and for nothing in return but the affection of their owner. Actions such risking their lives to sniff out explosives threatening the lives civilians and our armed forces. Creating a bond between two species that could not be broken, even by the harshest dividers. Providing security for their owners whether it be the brave bark towards an intruder or the calming cuddles given by a service dog. Dogs are more than just pets they are the inspiration that gets me and many others through their day. I also believe how my dog was able to allow me to push through some very difficult times in my life.


  24. Brian Martinez

    I believe in mentors. Not only those who are because is the right thing to do but for those who feel good about doing it. I was fortunate enough to have one growing up. I met mine at 15 years old. Before meeting my mentor (Jonathan Glessman, engineer and volunteer at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club) I felt lost. I didn’t have much motivation to do anything good for myself. School wasn’t for me and I’d only attend to see my friends and hangout. It all change when I met my mentor at the boy’s and Girl’s Club. The satisfaction you get from coaching and counseling someone is incredible. As a mentor you’re being looked up to, you are a role model to someone. It’s a way for each of us to grow and accomplish goals academically and life ones. If more people became mentors and mentees we’d be living in a much better community. I know for myself having someone guide me each step of the way to become successful definitely helped and made the process much easier. I’ve been influenced by my mentor that I became one. I am now mentor 7th and 8th graders in Lawrence and getting them ready for high school as much as I can. Soon as I enter my career, my plans are to open a facility in comparison to the Boy’s and Girl’s club. I will open a place where mentees would go and work on their homework with their mentors as well as play games with them.


  25. Wanderleay Tejada

    I never met what would be considered a true role model. It was as if they were all extinct by the time I was born.Growing up the one thing that really mattered was making something of yourself. The problem was the idea of success was cloudy, no one really set the bar for me or even gave me the instructions on how to do it. It was just expected that I would somehow “ make it” without any help or guidance. My only role models were those that were considered by society as negative; the ones that a father with a master’s degree and a job with a six figure salary would point out to his son and saying “ you see Billy, that’s what happens when you do drugs” and he in response would say “ gee dad I would never do drugs in my life.” It was as if they were there for me to show me what can go wrong, and believe you me; a lot can go wrong. It is a absurd that a teenage boy could reach enlightenment by driving around drunk or high out his mind and a teenage girl could succeed by twerking on MTV . Now I am not saying that there is something wrong with that; all I am saying is that there are other options. Our so call role models should promote a better life style and in return we will follow their example therefore our generation will be better as a whole.


  26. Cassidy Fleser

    A role model is defined by dictionary.com as “a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.” I believe that role models play a huge part in people’s lives. Without a role model, how are you supposed to become a better you? My role model is my mother. Every little girl needs a strong female role model in their life, and mine happens to be my mother. My mother Donna, has obviously played a huge role in my life. She’s taught me important life lessons like hard work will always pay off. Donna started working at the age of 15 because she wanted to become more independent. She knew she was going to have to grow up sometime, so she started then. Today, she’s worked at the same, full time job for 25 years. She’s saved up some money to help put me and my siblings through college. Donna wants nothing but the best for us, and I look up to her for that.
    Donna is also an overachiever. Anything and everything she does has to be the best. When I was younger, she used to put a lot of time into making me and my siblings homemade Halloween costumes, so we could win the prizes at our schools. She’s inspired me to put more effort into anything I do, no matter how minuscule the task. Without my amazing mother, I would not be the person I am today.


  27. Stephanie Pineda

    I believe that every person has the power to influence someone in a positive way. We are all unique, have different characteristics and personalities. However, that is what makes us admire and appreciate those qualities that are distinct from ours. Within in my community I’ve noticed that too many kids at a young age are being distracted by bad influences which lead them to make wrong decisions. Many of them alongside their families are enduring hardships that need that extra push. We could possess qualities that they aspire to have, some that will inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals. I feel like many people in our generation are not aware that they are or can be a role model to someone. If we all took the responsibility to act like role models within are families, friend groups, and instill or teach at least one moral value it will help in the larger scale of things. For instance, it would contribute to less violence and healthier family relationship. We could be mentors that teach them to advocate for what they believe in and be part of their growth. Sometimes we don’t even notice how easily we affect those who surround us and realize that we are capable of leading. Become leaders who believe in their potential and be the motivational guide that gives them courage. I believe if we all work together and partake in achieving this task we can make our community a better place.


  28. Sam Kimari

    I believe in role models and family. The majority of my life I have lived very close to a great amount of my family, and with all the time I have spent with each family member I have found several role models. Every person in my family has something different to offer, especially my parents. If you think about it, your parents are the people you have spent the most time with, and you have been learning from them throughout your whole life. I can remember being a little boy and watching my mom get dressed up to go to work, and telling her how much I loved her before she left. At three years old, though, I didn’t really know what love was, I just knew that I loved my parents and they loved me. Looking back, I realize that it didn’t really matter whether I knew what love was or not, all I had to know was that my ma, my first role model, loved, so I should too. As I have gotten older, I have started realizing how much the people around you can influence you. People don’t know when you are watching and learning from their actions, which makes me realize how lucky I am to have a family who is so kind and loving that they do not have to be careful about what they do or say around me, because they naturally make good decisions. I have also begun to notice the way my brother looks to me, when I see him do something that I often do. This really makes me think about how my life would be if I did not have the family I do to learn from. I think about how if I, being the oldest in my immediate family, did not have my parents or older cousins to look up to, then my younger sister, and cousins would not have a role model. This means that without my close connection with my family, without these relationships, my life would be drastically different.


  29. Jeffrey Alhassan

    There are only a few months until one of our greatest presidents leaves the white house, a president who has written so much history, a president who asked the American people to believe in him; in a time, the united states was crumbling and many of the citizen had given up. He took on the difficult job and told every men and women no matter the race, religion or sexual orientation “Yes we can”. He stood against all odds and became the president of the United states of America. Many would disagree with the president’s accomplishments and policies, but I believe Barack Hussein Obama is one of the most successful president the United States has ever had.

    20 years from now, the first line in Obama’s biography will be “the first African-American president”. Nevertheless, what he has accomplished is more powerful and symbolic to who he really is. One of Obama’s biggest accomplishment is health-care, a law Theodore Roosevelt tried to employ almost a century ago, this law has given me and countless others in American health insurance, the law has it up’s and down’s but it gave more Americans hope and safety. Another accomplishment can be seen when we are driving on the highways, Obama’s efforts to install solar panels and other green energy machines, has made the United States one of the leading countries in clean energy.

    From day one, many of his political rivals lashed out on him, they questioned his religion, faith, origins and loyalty to the United States. As tension grew, Obama kept his cool. Before he lives the white house I hope he can enjoy the finals days as the leader of the free word.


  30. Will Paliliunas

    I believe every single person living in this world at some point in his or her life has needed a role model. From classic ideas of a good role model such as a family member to celebrities, political figures and even fictional characters there is a personality out there for everyone to associate themselves with and to strive to emulate. We are constantly changing to try and find the best possible version of ourselves and through this endeavor we can find parts of ourselves we never knew existed. Our role models become reflections of ourselves, much like who we choose as friends molds who we are role models do the very same on a personal level. A lack of a father figure in my life has led me to look to all new horizons for inspirational people, from JFK to Mel Brooks there’s a part of everyone that we can find common ground with and build yourself off of. Much of my childhood was spent indulging in films and literature which allowed for me to see a whole spectrum of personalities and archetypes which is very important to me since it presents me with the ability to accept so many different kinds of people. Now with the emergence of the internet on a global and mass scale that allows for it to become more easily accessible this will give people around the world the same option as me, to find role models and humanity through various sources and continue to grow.


  31. Joseph Noudjom

    I believe in the power of understanding because this is a skill or habit that needs to be worked on.Bill gates has so much money that he walks on money!”, “That guy is so dirty, he must be homeless!” , “ He wears only one shoe, he must be poor!”. This are some of the statements we make everyday to describe people based on their look, manners, habits , way of talking and so many others. Some of these could either turn out to be the truth or a lie. I grew up in a less economically developed country of Africa, and the life situations over there can be so harsh that all people have is the believe in a better tomorrow.Growing up we usually saw airplanes fly by and we all imagined in our heads what the interior and wherever it’s destination of the plane could look like.We built this imagination and judgement based on the little we knew. Later on realized that most of the things we watched on TV were not real. The occident is no different. Life here is as hard as it is anywhere else in the world. I have come to realize that I should not sit down and assume stuff but I should accept things for the way they are. If someone wears the same pair of shoes everyday, it doesn’t mean that he is poor. It could just be his favorite and most comfortable shoes and to his eyes they are treasures.


  32. Vashayla Murray

    “I Believe In Richard Murray”

    I believe in Richard Percel Murray and I am blessed to call this man my father. He grew up on the streets of Dorchester, MA without a strong role model of his own. He was hurt and surrounded by every wrong situation making it nearly impossible to succeed or make anything of himself, yet he did. It’s a true blessing that he became the man he is today.

    Since I can remember my dad has been a very proactive parent despite stereotypes, statistics and all odds that are against him. Although he could have taken the “easy way out” he has always been there and kept a consistent role in our lives. He teaches us with such mantras as: “Nothing will ever be handed to you, you have to work for it.” Those weren’t just empty words because he led by example and carried out that message daily. I too, have stereotypes and statistics placed on me being first, a woman, and second African American. Yet I don’t use it as an excuse, as my dad hasn’t, to hold me back or to be afraid to succeed. I thrive off of the doubt.

    I believe in my father and everything he’s shown me to this day. He’s a man of his word and he’s led by example and his actions have spoken volumes to me. Day after day I see him leave out and chase his dreams and little by little I see them becoming reality. There’s been so many obstacles that have set him back but clearly haven’t stopped him. Therefore, I will continue to look up to him as a role model and a guide to what a real man and goal driven individual looks like because I have complete belief in my father.


  33. Jillian Doucette

    My mom has always told me that the most valuable thing we have in life is our time. One day, hopefully far from now, you and everyone you know will be forgotten… and because your days are numbered, it would be a shame to spend time doing anything that doesn’t benefit you or your world.
    I happened to be in the right place at the right time, four years ago, when I stumbled across a video of a curly-haired workaholic traveling from New York City to South Africa. I was overwhelmed and intrigued by his strange taste in music and his ability to tell a story. I didn’t know back then that Casey Neistat would become my role model in life, and that his incredible story would inspire me every day.
    Casey’s 15-year-long journey began when he was 17 years old, living in a trailer park with his first kid. Fast forward to 2016, he has become a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He has attracted a massive audience through his words of wisdom and his fun-loving nature.
    His daily videos and films about hard work, passion, love, and experience, are so profoundly moving and awe-inspiring, that hundreds of thousands of people watch them every day.
    I believe that being dedicated to everything that you do will bring success. Even if the odds are completely against you, you can never succeed at something if you don’t try. The best way to achieve everything you want in life is to refuse to fail. Because of Casey Neistat, I have learned to give my all in everything that I do, and to absolutely never stop creating, thinking, and progressing.


  34. Raymond Carela

    Raymond Carela
    UMass Dartmouth
    Summer Writing Assessment

    Role Models

    I believe everyone should have a role model. A person who serves as a source of inspiration. Someone whose struggles brought them to success. A person that will teach or give a lesson. A role model. I believe that role models are a key component to someone’s success. If you don’t have a role model, then where does your inspiration comes from? Inspiration is another word for role model because these people that we all look up too are the perfect example of what we want to achieve. It does not mean that looking up to someone is doing exactly what that person did, but just looking at the values that these people have.

    I personally have a role model. The people from Raw Art Works in Lynn, MA. They helped me fill up college applications. I thought I was ready but I really was not. My GPA was not high enough to go to a state university. My only option was to go to community college. I first applied to MassArt in Boston. MassArt was my first choice school. Then I applied to Pratt Institute in New York. These two schools were art-focused schools. As my safety schools I applied to Bunker Hill Community College and UMass Dartmouth.

    I was really discouraged because I was seeing all my friends getting their acceptance letters, and their scholarships. Until I started getting all the replies from all the colleges I applied to. Pratt Institute said no. Luckily, MassArt said yes and that was when UMass Dartmouth also said yes but I declined the acceptance because I had already been accepted to my top choice school. MassArt had a condition though. In order for me to attend I had to go to community college first. That was going to be BHCC. I then said no to MassArt. Then I got the scholarships I had applied for. Until one day I decided to call UMass Dartmouth and they said they still had space for one person. I felt so relieved that I was going to go to college.


  35. Hans

    Role models stand for something in which I believe, as others around them have the opportunity to follow a light or to find their own. A role model has the ability to touch one’s heart without even noticing it. They are influences which give people inspiration and a drive, something to fuel their passion, something to hone, something to stand for. The ability to inspire is an ability that is admirable and a quality that many look up to. Taking pride in certain core beliefs and values are what make up a character that people follow. It is simply by paving a new road, a unique road, with a unique perspective that makes the difference. For me, role models have come across in many different subjects and ways. For example, in Greece two summers ago my best friend’s father taught me some of the core values that were prominent in ancient Greek philosophy. These values were simply on the topic of work ethic and ethic in everyday life, how to live simply and happily. Exemplifying this in his everyday actions was the biggest influence, as I saw not to search for happiness, as it will come to you once you have made peace with yourself. To me, he is a major role model, not only for what he taught me but also because of the manner in which he conducts himself every day. This explained to me that role models do not have to be actively teaching, explaining to you. One must observe and make sense of what he or she perceives, and most importantly apply.


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